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Space-Age Cocktails

November 20, 2014

Space-Age Cocktails

So the name of our bar has the word “lounge” right there. Second word. Yes, really. Go look if you don’t believe me. K.

Now, Morgan (aka DJ Kingblind) has decided we need to really LOUNGE the hell out of it Thursday night, like a space-age bachelor pad. Therefore, the drinks will flow like some sort of flowy thing along the same flowing path of…um, flow. Spherical, space-age ice cube thingies, A and J’s take on Sidecars, Old Fashioneds, Boulevariders, and things with sparkles in them.

I was gonna say “No new stuff,” but let’s be realistic; I can’t really stop them from being all creative. Lounge Classics. Yeah.

Thursday night, 6ish.

– Old Man J


Drink (and eat) to the British Invasion

January 16, 2014


The Deep Cuts

Our weekly DJ dude, Morgan (aka DJ Kingblind), is doing a tribute to British Invasion music this week, so we are thereby obliged to British it up as well.

What does that mean for the Feedback Cocktail Club? Spotted Dick? Leek Soup? Tons of gin? Sidecars? Collinses? Crumpets? Yes… to some of those things. Bet you can guess which ones. Oh, and Chef Wade’s making Shepherd’s Pie.

That’s a ton of good reasons. And by a “ton,” I mean, like, “three.” See you tonight.

– Old Man Johnson / Feedback Loungings