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West Seattle’s King of Comedy

June 14, 2014


West Seattle King of Comedy

It’s tough being a comedian, in this city or anywhere else. And it’s even tougher being a promoter of comedy. Just ask Daryl “Duane” Coxy, Seattle’s Patron Saint of Comedy, who has been a tireless advocate/producer of the city’s burgeoning comedic talent.

Duane books and manages the Feedback Lounge’s “Just Laugh It Off” Comedy Series, bringing in an astonishing array of rising and established comedians. And he does it mostly out of pocket. “I never make any money,” he laughs, preferring to re-invest whatever he makes into keeping his love of comedy going.

Hard to say where local comedy be without guys like Daryl. Here’s why he’s one of the most qualified movers and shakers in the Seattle comedy industry…

“I’ve always been a big comedy fan. I’ve seen every HBO Comedy Special and Comedy Central Presents that’s ever been produced, more than likely. I got hooked on local comedy when I saw the Seattle International Comedy Competition at the Comedy Underground in 2012.”

“I followed the circuit of local shows and comedians for about a year before I ventured into producing my own shows. I used to produce a public access show in Spokane and participated in a few unknown podcasts for fun. I produced a sold out show at Parlor Live in March of 2013. That was the first gig that I produced outside of Feedback Lounge.”

Mona Concepcion, host and co-producer, is the one who gives me credibility with the local comics. She helps me choose the most talented comics for our Feedback showcases and always does a great job of hosting our shows. Mona is the only female Chamorro comedian in the world which makes her more unicorn than Pacific Islander.

Hailing from the tropical island of Saipan – a real place – she has made Seattle her home. She has spent the last two years performing all over the west coast, from the largest Chamorro festival in the country to the smallest bar in Renton, WA.”

“I believe in underdogs and like to do things differently. I have made a point of giving up-and-coming” comics their first headlining spots, and it’s an honor for me to do so. There are a number of great feature level comics who seem to hit a glass ceiling and only get closing slots if they produce their own shows. I know talent when I see it and want to give those comics a chance to spread their wings and fly. I also love to book some of the best under appreciated headliners who should be on TV and often tour without much fanfare. It’s my honor to support and work with all of these comedians.”

The Feedback Lounge features free live comedy every month. See our calendar for upcoming shows. And come shake hands with Daryl – and tell him your latest joke; He’ll love it.