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Cocktail Cinema

July 5, 2015

Cocktail Cinema

Cocktail Cinema, presented by Cocktail Club, returns to the Feedback Lounge for the summer every Monday at 9PM, hosted by the lovely and delightful Heather King. And what a killer line-up of superhero movies and super themed cocktails she has for you all through July…

“Hot Rod Red” inspired by Iron Man
Scotch, orange juice, drambuie, grenadine
“Get Smashed” inspired by the incredible Hulk
Melon liquor, absinthe, grapefruit soda

7/13 – X-MEN: X2
“Shapeshifter” inspired by Mystique
Blue, Mezcal, orange bitters, blackberry garnish
“The Lightning Strike” inspired by Storm
Charcoal, St. Germain, lime, gin, blueberry bitters, lightning ice cube

“The Cat’s Meow” inspired by Catwoman
Vodka, fresh mint, catnip syrup, lime, gingerbeer
“A Penguin in a Tuxedo” inspired by Penguin
Coconut, dark rum, cinnamon sprinkle

“The Lizard Wants Out” inspired by Lizard
Basil, Granny Smith apple, tequila, lime, agave
“Web-Slinger” inspired by Spider-Man
Fresh blueberries, raspberries, vodka, PopRocks (careful, this one JUMPS!)


Cocktail Club: Chai Rye & Moroccan Mint Gin

March 19, 2015

Rye & Gin

Clubbies – on my way back from Oaxaca and seeing how they make delicious Mezcal. But for you guys, Amanda and Jordan have worked out that you’d want some chai infused rye, green tea syrup, Moroccan mint gin, and Earl Grey syrup for your drinking needs.

Next week I’ll bring in some photos and a true treat if it makes it back in my suitcase without being drunk up by a disgruntled baggage handler.

Tonight, 6PM-ish