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Feedback Lounge 2015

January 4, 2015

Feedback Lounge 2015

A new year means more opportunities to bring new events/live music to the Feedback Lounge, as well as introducing you to more of our award-winning craft cocktails, courtesy of Matt, Amanda and Jordan, three of the best mixologists in the city.

We’ve always tried to mix it up in terms of the live music we bring to the Feedback: blues, R&B, classic rock, nostalgia, tributes, hair rock, dance, soul, jazz, rockabilly and more. In 2015, we will continue to do that with never a cover charge. That’s the West Seattle way.

Looking ahead, we have the incredible Into The Cold returning, along with Kirk Dubb, Black Vinyl All-Stars, Gerald Collier, The Dusty 45s, Led Zeppelin tribute, Rippin Chicken (house residency here first Wednesday of each month), and an incoming slew of live album release shows.

We’re also continuing our weekly Blues To Do Live series (every Tuesday night, 8PM), featuring the best blues and all of its off-shoots in the entire Pacific Northwest. This series – now a year old – has turned into a blues lover’s jackpot; the caliber and quality of the blues artists that come in are near to staggering. And if you can’t make it in, each show streams on the internet at

Continuing with Just Laugh It Off, our once a month live standup comedy series. Each show features six of Seattle’s rising star comedians, some of whom have been getting national attention. The shows are free and start at 8PM.

New to the Feedback Lounge this year is the Seattle Poker Open, beginning January 15th and running every Thursday, 7PM thereafter. Wanna release your inner poker shark? Click HERE for details.

Every Thursday, Amanda and Jordan host Cocktail Club with new flavors and ingredients, taking craft cocktails to a new level. They get under way around 6PM and will surprise you every week with their mixology skills.

Chef Wade changes the Fresh Sheet every two weeks and offers it open to close. Come taste what everyone is talking about.

DJ Kingblind hosts The Deep Cuts every Thursday, spinning rock in all directions. Where he really shines is with his themed setlists. He also takes requests, by the way.

On our 10-foot big screens, of course.

We update/post every day on Facebook and Twitter. Funny pics, upcoming events, things we overhear in the bar, jokes… You never know what you’ll see.

Update almost daily. This is where you can find out what we’re doing and what’s coming up whenever you want. We also have our cocktail/food/happy hour menus online as well.

We have a few more things up our sleeves for 2015, so bookmark our website, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for all the new fun stuff headed your way.


Pink & Blues: A Musical Collaboration

October 4, 2014

Pink & Blues

Throughout October we’re dedicating each Tuesday night to Breast Cancer Awareness, featuring all-women hosted jam sessions in a series called Pink & Blues. This will be blues represented in all its hybrid forms, including jazz, R&B, soul, funk, roots, Americana and folk.

We’ve invited special guest ational touring artists and legacy artists, further providing opportunities for mentoring as well as representing a powerful statement with this remarkable women’s musical collective.

Many of these outstanding ladies are lining up to play October’s Pink & Blues, including very talented women who have played together in the Seattle Women’s Jazz Orchestra/Mood Swings, including Morgan Gilkeson (SWJO, Mo’ Jam Mondays at Nectar), Beth Wulff (The Wulfftones), Michelle D’Amour (Michelle D’Amour and The Love Dealers), Annette Taborn (Blues In Schools and various bands), Lady Keys (Stardrums & Lady Keys), Antoinette Truzito (Antoinette & Mother Sponge), Alice Stuart (Alice Stuart and The Formerlies), Carolyn Graye (Cornish vocal coach and jazz band leader), Kim Archer (The Kim Archer Band), Patti Mey (Boneyard Preachers, Jeff & The Jet City Fliers, Swamp Mama Johnson and many more), Sylvia RollinsMelanie Owens (The Groovetramps), Charlene Grant (Isaac Scott and other bands), and Erin Rubin-Tate (The Take Downs).

Check in to see which artists are playing each week. Here’s who is playing Tuesday, October 7th, 8PM (no cover): Polly O’Keary, Kim Archer, Beth Wulff, Kelli, Michelle D’Amour, Mary Ellen Lykins, Lady A, Mary Van Zante, and many more!

BLUES TO DO LIVE is recorded for TV and streaming live on the internet, every Tuesday night, 8PM and is hosted by MARLEE WALKER, Queen of Seattle Blues for the last thee decades.

For booking and information, contact Marlee Walker at


Fall and Winter Menu

September 28, 2014

Fall/Winter Menu

Chef Wade has your culinary needs covered with the release of his Fall/Winter menu, launching Thursday, October 2nd.

Tried ‘n true classics, comfort food, new entrees and sandwiches… And hey, Chef Wade even updated the Happy Hour menu with some new stuff as well, with prices ranging from $3 to $6.

The new menu posts on Wednesday, October 1st, but here’s a sneak peek: Bourbon BBQ Pork, Baked Spaghetti & Meatballs, Chorizo Tacos, and by overwhelming demand from our Fresh Sheet, Adobo Chicken.

It’s OK to drool.


Calling All Rock Stars…

August 1, 2014

Open Mic Jam Night

AUGUST 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st – 7:30PM

Calling all budding rock stars, blues stars, jazz stars, and everything in-between: we’re hosting an Open Mic Jam Night every Sunday night in August, starting at 7:30PM.

Hosted by Lynn Sorensen, bassist/electric violinist for Magic BusThe Beard Brothers and The Fabulous Johnsons (Lynn even toured for years with Paul Rodgers’ Bad Company), all you need to do is show up with your voice or your instrument – Lynn and his band has all the gear and can play any style of any music genre. You can rock with the band or go solo – acoustic or electric.

Come show everybody what a rock star you are.


Interview With A Bar Owner, Pt. 1

April 5, 2014

Interview With A Bar Owner

As the Feedback Lounge nears its five year anniversary [April 25, 2014], we decided rather than look back on what we’ve learned about owning a bar (we did that three years running), we thought we’d give you an insight by answering a pile of reoccurring questions customers ask us all time. In no particular order…

“I thought you were a heavy metal bar…”
That’s not a question. But we hear this uncomfortably too often. Answer: No and no; We are NOT a heavy metal bar. We’ve had hard rock bands occasionally play here, but 99.9% of the time we do blues, funk, soul, classic rock, rockabilly, acoustic, singer/songwriter, folk, pop, alt-rock, jazz, country, disco… Everything but rap. Our customers made it very clear they do not want to hear rap music, recorded or live, at the Feedback Lounge. Disclaimer: We’re planning something really fun with West Seattle’s iconic rap star, Kirk Dubb (he raps about booze).

What have been some of your best promotions over the years?
Answer: Almost too many favs to mention. But our annual Elvis and Frank Sinatra events (“El-Fest: E Meets West” and “Frank Fest”) immediately come to mind. On these nights people dress up, we get tribute performers to play and we pay homage to two of the greatest singers in the world – and pack the house at the same time. We’ve also hosted several Rat City Rollergirls parties and continue to do so. Those gals are crazy fun.

“How come you don’t put sports on your big screens?”
When we opened in 2009 we wanted to establish ourselves as a music bar and leave the sports to the experts. At the time, West Seattle’s RockSport ruled the sports bar scene. They’re gone and now our good friends at The Bridge have stepped up and provide you with as much sports as you could ever want. And the Beveridge Place Pub – our great neighbors next to us – always has the World Cup games and lots more on the tube.

We did, however, listen to our customers, and had the entire Hawks season on our two 10-foot screens with breakfast specials for the early games and, of course, that insanely exciting Super Bowl thing. Kinda big news for a minute or so around here. You may have heard about it.  Ahem.

So are we gonna do more sports? We’ll do the Hawks start to finish. Baseball, basketball, and soccer probably not. Like we said, leave the sports to the pros. We’re not opposed, however, to showing a championship game, but by and large our regulars have stated they’d prefer we not have sports blaring all the time.

“How often do you do charity events?”
As often as we can. We’ve hosted a wide variety of charitable fundraising events from the day we opened, and continue to do so. Our ongoing charity event is Booze, Balls & Bingo, a riotous live drag bingo game with singing, a deejay and Tru St. James, one of the most entertaining and talented performers in the city. And the prizes are insanely cool. We’ve been doing this monthly for over a year and they have raise thousands of dollars for a variety of charities.

“Can you take drinks outside to the back deck?”
During the warmer months, yes. Why anyone would want to stand out there drinking in the cold and rain is beyond us. So we don’t open it to that when the weather’s acting up. You can go out there and smoke, though. P.S. Smoking is bad for you.

“I don’t see your ads in The Weekly or Stranger; Where can I find out about your live music shows and other events?”
Both of those papers are great, but cost-prohibitive for a neighborhood bar. We tend to focus on Facebook, Twitter and our website, which we update almost daily. (We have one of the most active bar/restaurant websites in town.) And where would we be without the indispensable West Seattle Blog, who cover everything that happens in West Seattle? (Do they even sleep?)

“How come you don’t charge cover for your live music nights or any other event?”
Answer: The Feedback Lounge is a neighborhood bar. We never charge someone to come in to sit down to a drink and dinner, whether live music’s playing or not.

“I hear you have a lot of rock stars come in here…”
Yes, we do. Sure, we could name drop guys from ZZ Top, Heart, Yes, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Guns ‘N Roses, Quiet Riot, Queensryche, The Wailers and lots more, but that’d be just plain bragging. Ahem.

So ends part one of An Interview With A Bar Owner. Next up: The nuts and bolts of owning a bar from a bill paying perspective. (You’re gonna wanna hear some of this stuff – we’ve got your reality show right here, pal.)


Bluesy February

January 23, 2014

Blues To Do Live February

February brings another bounty of blues talent to the Feedback Lounge’s Blues To Do Live concert series. Recorded for TV and streamed on the internet as it happens, Blues To Do Live happens every Tuesday, 8PM.

Here’s February’s steller line-up…

Describing themselves as blues/chunkabilly and honky tonk, this thumpin’ band, featuring Chris lord on guitar/vocals, Rick J. Bowen on drums and Matt Blair on drums, showcases some blistering, paint-peeling fretwork and deep hometown grooves.

A new group with Hank Leinonen, bass player from The Shivering Denizens, who is singing more in this jump blues/soul/rockabilly band with attitude. Also featuring “Knuck” Bostick on guitar, Rooster on harmonica/vocals and Danny Von DirtBag on drums.

Old school blues returns to West Seattle with the best of the best: Steve Bailey on lead vocals/harmonica and guitar and his newly re-assembled Blue Flames. Steve has been in Isaac Scott’s band and some of the best blues bands in the land over the past five decades.

Rafael’s newest project is on stage for this Live! Session and he’s on fire with his passionate guitar and vocals, making him one of the area’s most popular blues guitarists.

Blues To Do-TV airs Fridays at 7pm on ch.23/77 on Comcast in King Co./Seattle or ch. 23 on Broadstripe and repeats Saturdays at midnight / Tuesdays at 2PM.

This will also stream at those times at See past shows at For booking and information, contact Marlee Walker at


Party On, Party Often

July 6, 2013

Party Hard

Over the years we’ve had the honor to host some diverse and often unique parties at The Feedback Lounge.

It’s probably easier to recount what types of parties we haven’t done. But during the course of our lease we’ve had all types of parties, ranging from wedding receptions and ceremonies, to baby showers and retirement gatherings. And we had the privelege of hosting a Seattle Police Sgt. promotion party, with many of Seattle’s finest officers attending.

Which brings us to the point: short of a pet party (sorry – Health Dept. rules), we can accommodate almost any type of party. Bachelor/Bachelorette, high school reunions, farewells, birthdays, album releases, corporate meetings, office party, wedding ceremonies and receptions, holidays, milestones, or just getting friends together for the heck of it.

The Feedback Lounge’s back bar area can hold up to 75 people and has a sound system, 10-foot drop down screen, portable stage, lights and microphone(s). Here’s the best part – we invite our guest to come in a decorate to accommodate your theme/event. Yep, the room is customizable. While there are certain city rules we have to follow, by and large we can turn the place into your personal party pad.

Need food and a custom drink? Well, heck – that’s what we do here!

Call or e-mail us if you have a party in mind. We can answer all of your questions and just happen to have a party decorating expert on our staff who can assist: (206) 453-3259 /


Feedback Lounge: Unplugged

June 19, 2013

Bar Chords

We’ve been planning on doing a live acoustic night for some time, but with day-to-day bar stuff and everybody being super double crazy busy, it just got moved to the back burner. Never off the stove with the heat turned off, just put on simmer until we could get to it.

And we’re getting to it now.

With the help of our good friend Soozy Bridges who has booked some stellar talent, we’re launching Bar Chords: An Intimate Acoustic Music Experience, taking place every Sunday over the course of five weeks of summer, beginning June 30 and running through July 28th.

Soozy has wrangled some top names in the Seattle rock realm, recruiting musicans/vocalists from new and legendary bands as Walking Papers, Son of Man, My Sister’s Machine, Green Apple Quickstep and lots more.

Every Sunday will be an enigmatic showcase of talent in an acoustic setting. The shows are free, but we’ll be setting up a donation table to benefit Saving Great, a non-profit orginization that matches familes with pets in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

The showcases will feature different artists each Sunday, 8PM, and will run for about two hours. Which means if Sunday is a school night for you, it won’t be an excuse not to come in.

P.S. Some surprise guests will be stopping by to perform. [insert knowing wink here]



Frequently Answered Questions

June 5, 2013

FAQ blog

We get a LOT of questions zinged at us, from customers to friends, employees to tax collectors. And some we even know how to answer.

Rummaging through our fan mail (at least three envelopes worth), we decided to post answers to common questions about the Feedback Lounge for your facial expression amusement. With that…


Tempted to answer “stuff we found out on the sidewalk.” But that woudn’t sell very many cocktails. The correct response is market fresh fruit, herbs, grains, assorted spices, all of which is soaking in everything from tequila, vodka, rum, bourbon, gin… Matt Johnson, creator of said infusions, prefers to make his own hybrids rather than by ’em from Boozelandia, or “liquor stores.” This is what makes our house made cocktails taste so much better than that overpriced, bland pond water you get over the counter.


99.9 percent of them are designed by me, with the other .01 percent being created by the upcoming band themselves. Sometimes I have just enough spare time to get kinda artful. Other times I just phone it in as my day job (ironically not the Feedback) takes up MOST OF MY LIFE.




If you pay attention to the posters in the bar and our website/Facebook/Twitter, you’ll see that we do live music at least once a week (Saturdays) and often Fridays as well. There’s never a cover charge, and we try and bring in customer band favs as well as new stuff.


E-mail us or drop by one of those outdated CDs that hardly anyone plays anymore, thank you very much Digital Age.


Same as you would anywhere else. First, you must answer three questions from the troll that lives in our dumpster. Correct responses will advance you to a series of quests designed to test the limits of your sanity and…

Sorry – I get carried away when no one is editing me. You can drop off a resume or e-mail it to Gia at Once Gia goes through the resumes (and she looks at ALL of them), she’ll reach out to you if you got what it takes, has you come in for a chat, and then puts you through a series of quests designed to test the limits of your sanity and… Um, sorry. Gia should be the one responding to this question. I am far too irresponsible for such a…quest.


Nope – state law. Some bars, however, have sectioned off areas that allow them to let kids in up to 10PM. (They applied through the Liquor Control Board to get permisssion to do that.) Don’t get us wrong – we like kids. But we want to provide a place were adults could get away from them for a while.

There are plenty more questions, but this should make it easier for you to finally get some closure on a few things.

Got a question? Just ask –

– Jeff Gilbert
co-owner/bar stool warmer
Feedback Lounge


Pinball Wizard

May 18, 2013


One of the questions we get asked most is, “Why did you get rid of the pinball machines?” (This is usually followed by, “Why don’t you put in pool tables?”) Yeesh.

Answer to question #1: We needed more room to do live music on a regular basis. The vintage machines were super fun happy times, but maintenance, costs, and the space they took up prompted us to call Congress to see if we should keep ’em or put in a stage for bands. Since Congress can’t do anything right, we decided to go the live music route.

Now that we have more space, we can bring in bands every week, with no cover charge. And bands generate more income than pinball machines. Most of the time.

Answer to question #2: Pool tables would render our place useless for special events, live music, wedding receptions, Justice League of America meetings, etc. We like being able to turn the back bar area to custom fit nearly any type of event. Pool tables aren’t quite portable. And even if they were, where would we put ’em should The Rolling Stones decide to play here? (Might have to charge cover for that one.)

So there you have it. Knowing this should allow you to sleep better at nights and/or on the job.

P.S. We still have the classic Ms. Pacman™ machine waiting to swallow your quarters.