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Cat Cocktails

June 4, 2015


Cat CocktailsAmanda wants to do drinkies that relate to June’s holidays, but not the ones you’re thinking. Today, evidently, is “Hug Your Cat Day,” “Old Maid’s Day,” and “Applesauce Cake Day.” It’s also Rose Month, which goes pretty well with what we can do.

Floral is one of those flavors people think of as all sweet girly drinks, but there are flowers in Vermouth, Bitters, Liqueurs, and a bunch of other booze. That’ll be the base for tonight, but I still think you should make Amanda do a cocktail in honor of hugging your cat. Please let me know how that goes. Let’s say 6ish.

Love You,


Liqueur In The Front

January 22, 2015

I don’t know if y’all noticed, but we have a WHOLE SHELF of Amaro, right there below the TV. They’re there because I love them. They’re STILL there because nobody ever drinks them. I don’t care though because you trust Amanda and Jordan and they’re gonna put Amaro in your facehole on Thursday.

There are 16 different ones, they’re very different, and some of them are not easy to find and pretty damn expensive. But A and J have the go ahead to mix them into your favorite booze and elevate the hell out of them. And yes, a Cosmo with Amaro is better than a Cosmo without. I swear.

Thursday night, 6ish. Loooooooveeee You…