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The Root of Cocktails

March 12, 2015

The Root of Cocktails

Amanda and Jordan, in their infinite wisdom, haven’t plumbed the depths of that magical family of dried leaves and roots and stuff. So they’re gonna tie it in even further.

You like Chartreuse? A lot of the ingredients could be classified as tea. Fernet? Same. Mint? Orange Oil? Cinnamon? Vanilla? On and on, my pretty birds.

You trust these guys to do it right for you, and they will. They love you all very much. Tonight, 6-ish.



Teabagged Cocktails

March 5, 2015

Tea Cocktails

Name something that has a huge, rich culinary history and incredible range of flavors and importance that most people think is boring as s**t: It’s a drink. British like it. It’s in Honeybush and Red Rickey and…

Ah, screw it; It’s tea.

Jordan and Amanda are infusing vermouth, booze, syrups, and possibly ice with a wide range of tea to take this over the top.

“But Old Man Johnson, I like Manhattans, not just fruity stuff…”

Well, good. Lapsang will make it sing. So will green tea in the vermouth. And Hibiscus in the bitters. You sea where I’m going. Please believe me. I love you.

Thursday night, 6ish.

– Old Man Johnson


Fired Cocktails

February 26, 2015


Fired Cocktails

Once again, Jordan has talked Amanda into taking her life in her hands. Or more accurately his hands, by bringing back one of their most popular ingredients and/or elemental concepts.

Yes, they’ll be lighting ingredients and booze – and possibly each other and possibly you – on fire. You won’t be able to control, only contain it. Or, you know, drink it.

Join up, Thursday, 6ish. Bring retardant.

Old  Man Johnson


Cocktail Club: Chinese New Year

February 19, 2015

Chinese New Year
Old man Johnson’s on Mexican time this week, but Cocktail Club’s still literally a million percent go.

Jordan and Amanda are roping you in to celebrating Chinese New Year tonight. That means: a.) Delicious booze made up on the spot, and b.) No, we wish you wouldn’t bring fireworks. Scares the neighbors. And the ghost who lives in our mop closet.

Come get it, 6ish.

Old Man J


The Best Selling Least Known Booze In The World

February 12, 2015

Once again we’re showing horrible disregard for things like “timeliness” and “seasonality” and “common sense” by highlighting the best selling/least known booze in the world: Cachaca.

It’s usually made into Caipirinha, a hot weather favorite. But, well, you know – Jordan and Amanda scoff at being boxed in. Plus, we have a particular Cachaca that’s aged and delicious and will warm your cockles and bones (as opposed to chilling them even further).

Trust us. Or, them. Or whoever. Tonight, 6ish.



Savory Cocktails vs. Peanut Butter & Jelly

February 5, 2015

Savory Cocktails

The bow has been shot across now, TWICE IN ONE EMAIL.

Shot #1: Amanda and Jordan are getting you all savory: Rosemary, Celery, Curry, Fenugreek, Chilies, and all manner of “trust us, it’ll be delicious.”

Shot #2: new to the team is celebrated bartender Evan Martin, who has won a ton of meaningful awards and recognition but retains his humility and playfulness enough to tell me, “Hey, I want to do a Peanut Butter and Jelly cocktail.” 

Aaaannnnddddd…it’s delicious. Rye infused w/ PB&J, Lemon, Simple, and a float of Cabernet that goes remarkably well. He’ll make you one tonight and therefore win you over.

Tonight, 6ish. I love you.

– Old Man Johnson


Oh Sherry

January 29, 2015

Sometimes, late at night, I lay awake and worry that people don’t think about Sherry enough, and I cry and cry and cry, then shake my fists at the sky in impotent rage. Wait…not impotent – let’s say “useless” instead.

Anyhoo, the impact of fortified wines can’t really be overstated. Spanish fortified wines (Sherry, duh) especially are amazingly complex on their own, but using them in a cocktail is like a delicious hug. And everyone loves hugs. Especially Jordan and Amanda. Sherry and Hugs.