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Elevated Eighties: Old School Classic Cocktails

April 30, 2015

Elevated Eighties

Well, Amanda’s decided she’s abandoning us like we’re a blind puppy. Sorry, that’ll probably maker her sad. We love Amanda and wish her all the best, and she’ll be back to help out, she promises.

Meantime, tonight’s her last night, so she gets to make crafty versions of Elevated ’80s: Long Island Iced Tea, Grasshopper, Amaretto Sour, Appletini… It’ll certainly be a challenge for her, but Jordan’s here to help out. Make it tough for her, and give her lots of love, please.

Old Man Johnson
Feedback Lounge Cocktail Concern


West Seattle Tropical Cocktails

April 23, 2015

West Seattle Tropical Cocktails

Amanda says: “I’d super like to do Caribbean drinks on Cocktail Club ThursdayMai Tai, Daiquiri, Mojito variations and the like.”

Jordan says: “I want to do AMFs and Long Islands.”

Jeff says: “I want to do things with Budweiser.”

So, this week Amanda wins and it’s Tropical Thursday. Next week, Jordan wins and it’s Elevated ’80s. The week after that…we’ll see. Probably not Budweiser drinks, cuz, you know.

Let’s say…tonight, 6ish?
– Old Man Johnson
FBL Cocktail Concern


New House Cocktails: Sneak Preview

April 16, 2015

New House Cocktails
Please don’t pass out where you stand pee-pee from surprise, but HOLY LORD IT’S TIME FOR A NEW COCKTAIL MENU!

It launches on Friday, along with Chef Wade’s amazing new food and Happy Hour menu. But tonight Amanda and Jordan preview it for you. I have zero doubts about how much you’ll love it.

Let’s say…6ish, shall we?

Love You,


Squishable Cocktails

April 9, 2015
Berry Cocktails

Springtime’s here, judging by these “Mariner” dudes, as well as by all the delicious drinkable fruit Jordan and Amanda found.

They’re gonna squish up blueberries, blackberries, other berry type things, plus – holy lord – kumquats! Yay for kumquats! And also for booze and for great bartenders.

6ish, Thursday, yes?

Loooooveee Youuuuuuu….
– Old MJ


French Cocktails

April 2, 2015

French Cocktails

Amanda and DJ Kingblind wanted to get all Frenchy/retro for the music this week, so she’s in charge of matching up the cocktails this week, which means some AWESOME booze.

Crème Yvette (French violet liqueur), St. Germain Elderflower, Bitter Amer for your whiskey drinks, some of the best Vermouth in the world, and Cognac gives her and lovely Rachel a lot to play with.

French 75 w/French Grapefruit Hooch, French Mule w/blackberry hooch… Possibilities are mostly endless. Them French know how to make good booze. Let’s say, 6ish?

Old Man Johnson


Spring Cocktails

March 26, 2015


Spring Cocktails

Alright, I’m diverting from the norm.

Supposed to be 70 degrees today. I’m putting Jordan and Amanda on the spot and challenging them to make some hot weather drinks in any style y’all want.

Especially: The best Banana Daiquiri you ever had, a Pisco Sour that’ll make you pucker with whimsy, and for you stiffies (what I call our guests who like their drinks more booze forward. I may have to rethink the name in retrospect), I swear to Gosh  they’ll concoct a Spring Manhattan that’ll make you, well you know. I’m not gonna say it again.

Also: Jordan Juleps!

Come get ’em. 6ish.
– Old Man Huggy


Cocktail Club: Chai Rye & Moroccan Mint Gin

March 19, 2015

Rye & Gin

Clubbies – on my way back from Oaxaca and seeing how they make delicious Mezcal. But for you guys, Amanda and Jordan have worked out that you’d want some chai infused rye, green tea syrup, Moroccan mint gin, and Earl Grey syrup for your drinking needs.

Next week I’ll bring in some photos and a true treat if it makes it back in my suitcase without being drunk up by a disgruntled baggage handler.

Tonight, 6PM-ish


The Root of Cocktails

March 12, 2015

The Root of Cocktails

Amanda and Jordan, in their infinite wisdom, haven’t plumbed the depths of that magical family of dried leaves and roots and stuff. So they’re gonna tie it in even further.

You like Chartreuse? A lot of the ingredients could be classified as tea. Fernet? Same. Mint? Orange Oil? Cinnamon? Vanilla? On and on, my pretty birds.

You trust these guys to do it right for you, and they will. They love you all very much. Tonight, 6-ish.



Teabagged Cocktails

March 5, 2015

Tea Cocktails

Name something that has a huge, rich culinary history and incredible range of flavors and importance that most people think is boring as s**t: It’s a drink. British like it. It’s in Honeybush and Red Rickey and…

Ah, screw it; It’s tea.

Jordan and Amanda are infusing vermouth, booze, syrups, and possibly ice with a wide range of tea to take this over the top.

“But Old Man Johnson, I like Manhattans, not just fruity stuff…”

Well, good. Lapsang will make it sing. So will green tea in the vermouth. And Hibiscus in the bitters. You sea where I’m going. Please believe me. I love you.

Thursday night, 6ish.

– Old Man Johnson


Fired Cocktails

February 26, 2015


Fired Cocktails

Once again, Jordan has talked Amanda into taking her life in her hands. Or more accurately his hands, by bringing back one of their most popular ingredients and/or elemental concepts.

Yes, they’ll be lighting ingredients and booze – and possibly each other and possibly you – on fire. You won’t be able to control, only contain it. Or, you know, drink it.

Join up, Thursday, 6ish. Bring retardant.

Old  Man Johnson