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Locally Made Booze

July 16, 2015

Seattle Made Booze

Alright, my Cocktail Club ladies are getting better and better. So, time for a challenge.

Tonight, time to make really good drinks (which of course Amanda and Heather will) from local booze. It’s been getting better, and there’s some good hooch made here these days.

They can do it, we both know it, so give in. Get’cha some local hooch made by our talented slingers. Let’s say, 6ish?



Monk-Made Cocktails

October 2, 2014

You know who makes good booze? Monks.

Some of the most in demand beer in the world, Benedictine and…Chartreuse. There’s, like, eleventeen hundred herbs and spices and botanicals and pixie dust varietals make a face-punchingly delicious and intense glass of hooch.

So, you mix it with other delicious stuff and… well, duh. Cocktails that make you feel all warm and stuff. So, let’s say 6ish? K.

Old Man Johnson


Chile Drinks For A Summer Day

May 1, 2014

Ancho Reyes

The small TV in my pocket that tells me what time it is and that people talk to me out of also told me the weather’s gonna be sunny as s**t. What needs to happen now is that we get some margaritas going.

I know perfectly well a “margarita” the Feedback Lounge way can be made of a LOT of different things: Is it made with a new Ancho Chili liqueur? Is it made with herbs and bitters to accent it? Is there a high quality vanilla liqueur in a reposado/anejo hooch to make it stand out more?

These are all questions. Come find out tonight. Bring your own recipes, too. I’m not saying we’re gonna, you know, actually MAKE it, but hey – A/C and margaritas!