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Hot Drinks For A Cold World

December 4, 2014

Cocktail Club

Some say it’s, like, super cold outside. Those people are sissies. Wait, sorry, I didn’t mean that. It’s just that I’m grouchy from all the being cold and stuff.

I will say that cold weather is good for booze. Hot weather is also good for booze, but in opposite ways. Hot booze drinks warm you up. Cold drinks, duh.

Jordan and Amanda are gonna heat you up, from your mouth to your butt. Jeez, I’m making all kinds of tactical language errors here. Experimental toddies, Hot Buttered Rum, Coffee things… And Jordan will probably light stuff on fire, again. Possibly Amanda. Again.

Also: West Seattle’s Jasmin Egan is battling leukemia and an auction benefit has been set up. There are AWESOME prizes. You want to golf w/Kiefer Sutherland? Go to Hawaii? Cabo? Then come, for the love of Jeff.

Also, last and not at all least, Rocky Votolato will be performing a set. That’s also huge. There’s a lot of huge on Thursday night at the FBL. Show up early, say 6ish, yes? Yes.

Old Man Johnson