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New Cocktail Try-Outs

February 20, 2014
New Cocktail Try-Outs

Doctor, heal thyself. And also remove the beam from thine own eye before removing the toothpick from my eyehole. And other cryptic sayings that mean ,“Uh, Matt? Stop writing cocktail menus for other bars long enough to rewrite your own.”

So I did, mostly. Got it trimmed down to a dozen or so and, one more time before I’m done, I need my cocktail clubbers to put me on the right path if I’m on the un-right one. Tonight – and never forget I heart you.

Old Sleepy Johnson, Tired From All The Booze Mixin’
Feedback Booze Concern


Local Spirit, Local Spirits

January 30, 2014

Spotlight on Local Spirits

A pretty big week for local pride, what with such and such game happening at so and so New Jersey football field with our local football team playing some stupid mountain city horseys.

So, local pride it is. Tonight we’ll dig out and put cute little metaphorical spotlights on all the local booze we have on our shelves. We’ll also only drink with our left hands and not say the word “scenario” ’cuz if we don’t…

I can’t say, ’cuz it’ll curse us.

Confusing, I know. Just come get a local buzz.

Old Man Superstitious
Feedback Cocktail House


Drink (and eat) to the British Invasion

January 16, 2014


The Deep Cuts

Our weekly DJ dude, Morgan (aka DJ Kingblind), is doing a tribute to British Invasion music this week, so we are thereby obliged to British it up as well.

What does that mean for the Feedback Cocktail Club? Spotted Dick? Leek Soup? Tons of gin? Sidecars? Collinses? Crumpets? Yes… to some of those things. Bet you can guess which ones. Oh, and Chef Wade’s making Shepherd’s Pie.

That’s a ton of good reasons. And by a “ton,” I mean, like, “three.” See you tonight.

– Old Man Johnson / Feedback Loungings