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Tropicallia West Seattle Style

July 2, 2015

Tropical Cocktails v.2

Still hot. STILL HOT! Anyhoo, makes sense that since Chef Wade’s getting all tropical with his delicious Mahi Mahi crispy tacos fresh sheet, and Morgan’s doing “Tropicallia” music-ing things, so Amanda and Heather are doing, and I quote, “Tropical drinks. Super-duh.”

That means Spiced Iced Rum Tea, Fresh Peach Colada Thingy, Black Eyed Amanda (just go with it), and…Banango Unchained!

Also, Old Man Johnson is gonna get behind the bar and try out some new drinks for this other consulting gig thingy, so… yay – boring Old Man Getting In The Way!

, 6ish. Hugs.
P.S. Air F***ing Conditioning!


Cocktail Club: Florida Blues

June 18, 2015

Florida Blues

Lots of different opinions on what’s the most bats**t crazy state in the country, but my bet’s on Florida, where our DJ Kingblind is visiting this week.

Paying tribute to our guy Morgan, of course, as well. Amanda did some figuring and Florida is the biggest citrus state in the country, and has the highest consumption of magical, delicious Rum.

So there you go: Floridita Daiquiri, Rum Runner, Rum Daisy, Agricole Punch, and thousands more. Challenge Amanda — cuz she can do it, I promise. Tonight, 6PM.



French Cocktails

April 2, 2015

French Cocktails

Amanda and DJ Kingblind wanted to get all Frenchy/retro for the music this week, so she’s in charge of matching up the cocktails this week, which means some AWESOME booze.

Crème Yvette (French violet liqueur), St. Germain Elderflower, Bitter Amer for your whiskey drinks, some of the best Vermouth in the world, and Cognac gives her and lovely Rachel a lot to play with.

French 75 w/French Grapefruit Hooch, French Mule w/blackberry hooch… Possibilities are mostly endless. Them French know how to make good booze. Let’s say, 6ish?

Old Man Johnson


Feedback Lounge 2015

January 4, 2015

Feedback Lounge 2015

A new year means more opportunities to bring new events/live music to the Feedback Lounge, as well as introducing you to more of our award-winning craft cocktails, courtesy of Matt, Amanda and Jordan, three of the best mixologists in the city.

We’ve always tried to mix it up in terms of the live music we bring to the Feedback: blues, R&B, classic rock, nostalgia, tributes, hair rock, dance, soul, jazz, rockabilly and more. In 2015, we will continue to do that with never a cover charge. That’s the West Seattle way.

Looking ahead, we have the incredible Into The Cold returning, along with Kirk Dubb, Black Vinyl All-Stars, Gerald Collier, The Dusty 45s, Led Zeppelin tribute, Rippin Chicken (house residency here first Wednesday of each month), and an incoming slew of live album release shows.

We’re also continuing our weekly Blues To Do Live series (every Tuesday night, 8PM), featuring the best blues and all of its off-shoots in the entire Pacific Northwest. This series – now a year old – has turned into a blues lover’s jackpot; the caliber and quality of the blues artists that come in are near to staggering. And if you can’t make it in, each show streams on the internet at

Continuing with Just Laugh It Off, our once a month live standup comedy series. Each show features six of Seattle’s rising star comedians, some of whom have been getting national attention. The shows are free and start at 8PM.

New to the Feedback Lounge this year is the Seattle Poker Open, beginning January 15th and running every Thursday, 7PM thereafter. Wanna release your inner poker shark? Click HERE for details.

Every Thursday, Amanda and Jordan host Cocktail Club with new flavors and ingredients, taking craft cocktails to a new level. They get under way around 6PM and will surprise you every week with their mixology skills.

Chef Wade changes the Fresh Sheet every two weeks and offers it open to close. Come taste what everyone is talking about.

DJ Kingblind hosts The Deep Cuts every Thursday, spinning rock in all directions. Where he really shines is with his themed setlists. He also takes requests, by the way.

On our 10-foot big screens, of course.

We update/post every day on Facebook and Twitter. Funny pics, upcoming events, things we overhear in the bar, jokes… You never know what you’ll see.

Update almost daily. This is where you can find out what we’re doing and what’s coming up whenever you want. We also have our cocktail/food/happy hour menus online as well.

We have a few more things up our sleeves for 2015, so bookmark our website, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for all the new fun stuff headed your way.


Chocolate Cocktails

December 18, 2014

Chocolate Cocktails

Tonight is twofold in awesomeness: DJ Kingblind Morgan fella is doing his thing along with the Feedback Cocktail Club/DJ Kingblind Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.

Also, Jordan and Amanda claim they can make a ton of different cocktails with chocolate besides foamy cream drinks you dessert lovers will drop your morals for. They’ve got Cacao nibs infusing, Mole Bitters to splash, Hershey Bars to light on fire (Jordan, probably).

Come by and bring your ugly.

Old Man Johnson
Feedback Cocktail Concern


Cocktail Club: Best of 2014

December 11, 2014

Best of Cocktail Club
There are a jillion “year’s best” lists around this time of year, but most of them are “songs” or “books” or “discount massages.”

We’re not screwing around with that hoo ha (except for Morgan, who’s doing a “best of” DJ set, which isn’t hoo ha ’cuz he’s good at it), we’re doing booze. Amanda and Jordan are making you the best of the year all night long. I shall be coming in a bit later in the evening to hand out swift and merciless judgement (and by “merciless” I mean “super friendly”). See you tonight about 6.



Space-Age Cocktails

November 20, 2014

Space-Age Cocktails

So the name of our bar has the word “lounge” right there. Second word. Yes, really. Go look if you don’t believe me. K.

Now, Morgan (aka DJ Kingblind) has decided we need to really LOUNGE the hell out of it Thursday night, like a space-age bachelor pad. Therefore, the drinks will flow like some sort of flowy thing along the same flowing path of…um, flow. Spherical, space-age ice cube thingies, A and J’s take on Sidecars, Old Fashioneds, Boulevariders, and things with sparkles in them.

I was gonna say “No new stuff,” but let’s be realistic; I can’t really stop them from being all creative. Lounge Classics. Yeah.

Thursday night, 6ish.

– Old Man J


Super Dark and Totally Evil Cocktails

October 23, 2014

Halloween Cocktails Pt. 1

Tonight Morgan (aka DJ Kingblind) is playing Goth hits as part of his Halloween series. What that means: Spooky shoe-staring, black- haired, easily-sunburned, vitamin-deficient ghouls playing legendery music that will make you want to drink even more good booze because staring at your shoes is f**king boring.

And your hosts Jordan and Rachel have some cocktails all lined up…

Bela Lugosi’s Undead
Bourbon, Ginger Snap, Rioja, Lemon, Mole

Black Heart
Black Strap Rum, Cynar, Crème de Mure, Lime, Ginger Beer.

And More
This isn’t a cocktail, it’s must me saying “and more cocktails.” Sorry for any confusion.

Tonight, 6ish.

– Old Man Johnson, From The Depths Of Blackness


Bloody Good Cocktails

October 16, 2014

Bloody Good Cocktails

I heard y’all liked the 1920s themed cocktails last week, even though I wasn’t there. Well, SCREW YOU GUYS. Nah, I’m just kidding. Jordan and Amanda are treating you right, and I’m not messing with that.

So this week, Morgan (DJ Kingblind) is playing Murder Ballads – therefore, J and A are gonna get bloody. Not Bloody Marys ’cuz… Meh – too easy. Blood Oranges? Yup. WAY more though, ’cuz Amanda and Jordan are bursting at the seams, coming up with ways to make you drink things that look like blood and ask for more.

Also, Chef Wade made some biscuits again. So there’s that pile of delicious as well.

See you Thursday night – let’s say 6-ish?



5 Years Behind Bars

April 23, 2014

Feedback Lounge 5th Anniversary

On April 25th, 2009 we opened the Feedback Lounge. Now it’s five years later, a pretty cool milestone. So how do we celebrate? Loudly.

We’ve been doing warm-up celebrations all week long, but the big bash happens on Thursday, April 24th, with an awesome rock show on Friday. Here’s what we have planned…

We’re launching our new spring/summer menu, loaded with Chef Wade meals that’ll set off food alarms in your head. Not only that, he tweaked our wildly popular $3 – $6 Happy Hour menu AND is extending our kitchen hours until 1AM. So when you get a case of the late night hunger games, we got your back. And insides.

Matt Johnson, co-owner and master cocktail craftsman, has some new house drinks for your consideration in anticipation of our new cocktail menu, which he’s still fussing over.

And to make the place look special, we hung rare rock art, with select pieces from co-owner Jeff Gilbert’s private stash. These include Pearl Jam, Alice Cooper, The Rolling Stones and Kiss. Speaking of, we have our Rok Box loaded up with amazing Kiss memorabilia, just as we did five years ago when we opened the doors.

And what would a milestone celebration be without some Feedback Lounge alumni? Joining us as guest bartender is Leslie Johnston, who left us last year for sunnier weather (Los Angeles). We talked her into coming up and getting back behind the bar. She’s not the only one. Wait ’til you see who else is re-joining us.

There will be custom floral arrangements, DJ Kingblind doing a special anniversary night of music, and a custom anniversary cake made by Bradi Jones, who has been doing all our cakes since we opened. (We also replenished our Feedback Lounge hoodies and t-shirts.)

As for the big rock show on Friday, April 25th, it’s A Very Ozzy Anniversary, a tribute to Ozzy and, well, us! Opening the show is Bastard of Reality, a stellar Black Sabbath tribute. We’ve had this show here several times since last October and our customers keep begging us to bring it back. Beg no more.

Thank you West Seattle for an adventure filled first five years. We have much more planned for the next five, so come celebrate with us; It’s as much a party for you as it is us.

– The Feedback Lounge Staff