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Chocolate Cocktails

December 18, 2014

Chocolate Cocktails

Tonight is twofold in awesomeness: DJ Kingblind Morgan fella is doing his thing along with the Feedback Cocktail Club/DJ Kingblind Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.

Also, Jordan and Amanda claim they can make a ton of different cocktails with chocolate besides foamy cream drinks you dessert lovers will drop your morals for. They’ve got Cacao nibs infusing, Mole Bitters to splash, Hershey Bars to light on fire (Jordan, probably).

Come by and bring your ugly.

Old Man Johnson
Feedback Cocktail Concern


Emotional Cocktails

February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day Cocktails

After two weeks in a row where I’ve felt more dead than alive (whoah – heavy), I’m back at it full speed and a good 10 pounds trimmer. So – time to get buzzed, yes?

Also, we put together some aphrodisiac drinks on account of Friday being an important celebration of physical and emotional sharing of touches and stuff. It’s Valentine’s Day, so there might even be chocolate. And roses. And sex. Wait, not sex. Sorry.

– Old Man Johnson