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Summer Tea, Swear Words, Sunshine

June 11, 2015

Summer Tea
 night gals: “We’re making tea cocktails, cuz it’s f***ing hot.”
Me: “Sounds good. Maybe a little more detail, please.”
TNG: “Mia Thai Iced Tea. Blackberry Bourbon Black Tea. Watermelon White Tea Margarita. Ginger and Bitter Peach Green Tea-ni.”
Me: “Guhhhh, those sound really REALLY good…” (considers hanging up creative cocktail hat and handing off to TNG).

So, yeah, cool down with this magical booze. And also air conditioning. But mostly, the booze.

Tonight at 6. Yay!
– MJ


Cat Cocktails

June 4, 2015


Cat CocktailsAmanda wants to do drinkies that relate to June’s holidays, but not the ones you’re thinking. Today, evidently, is “Hug Your Cat Day,” “Old Maid’s Day,” and “Applesauce Cake Day.” It’s also Rose Month, which goes pretty well with what we can do.

Floral is one of those flavors people think of as all sweet girly drinks, but there are flowers in Vermouth, Bitters, Liqueurs, and a bunch of other booze. That’ll be the base for tonight, but I still think you should make Amanda do a cocktail in honor of hugging your cat. Please let me know how that goes. Let’s say 6ish.

Love You,


Squishable Cocktails

April 9, 2015
Berry Cocktails

Springtime’s here, judging by these “Mariner” dudes, as well as by all the delicious drinkable fruit Jordan and Amanda found.

They’re gonna squish up blueberries, blackberries, other berry type things, plus – holy lord – kumquats! Yay for kumquats! And also for booze and for great bartenders.

6ish, Thursday, yes?

Loooooveee Youuuuuuu….
– Old MJ


French Cocktails

April 2, 2015

French Cocktails

Amanda and DJ Kingblind wanted to get all Frenchy/retro for the music this week, so she’s in charge of matching up the cocktails this week, which means some AWESOME booze.

Crème Yvette (French violet liqueur), St. Germain Elderflower, Bitter Amer for your whiskey drinks, some of the best Vermouth in the world, and Cognac gives her and lovely Rachel a lot to play with.

French 75 w/French Grapefruit Hooch, French Mule w/blackberry hooch… Possibilities are mostly endless. Them French know how to make good booze. Let’s say, 6ish?

Old Man Johnson


Spring Cocktails

March 26, 2015


Spring Cocktails

Alright, I’m diverting from the norm.

Supposed to be 70 degrees today. I’m putting Jordan and Amanda on the spot and challenging them to make some hot weather drinks in any style y’all want.

Especially: The best Banana Daiquiri you ever had, a Pisco Sour that’ll make you pucker with whimsy, and for you stiffies (what I call our guests who like their drinks more booze forward. I may have to rethink the name in retrospect), I swear to Gosh  they’ll concoct a Spring Manhattan that’ll make you, well you know. I’m not gonna say it again.

Also: Jordan Juleps!

Come get ’em. 6ish.
– Old Man Huggy


The Best Selling Least Known Booze In The World

February 12, 2015

Once again we’re showing horrible disregard for things like “timeliness” and “seasonality” and “common sense” by highlighting the best selling/least known booze in the world: Cachaca.

It’s usually made into Caipirinha, a hot weather favorite. But, well, you know – Jordan and Amanda scoff at being boxed in. Plus, we have a particular Cachaca that’s aged and delicious and will warm your cockles and bones (as opposed to chilling them even further).

Trust us. Or, them. Or whoever. Tonight, 6ish.



Cocktail Club: Best of 2014

December 11, 2014

Best of Cocktail Club
There are a jillion “year’s best” lists around this time of year, but most of them are “songs” or “books” or “discount massages.”

We’re not screwing around with that hoo ha (except for Morgan, who’s doing a “best of” DJ set, which isn’t hoo ha ’cuz he’s good at it), we’re doing booze. Amanda and Jordan are making you the best of the year all night long. I shall be coming in a bit later in the evening to hand out swift and merciless judgement (and by “merciless” I mean “super friendly”). See you tonight about 6.



Smoked Booze

November 6, 2014

Smoked Booze

Jordan and Amanda: “Hey, we want to do smoke for cocktail club this week.”
Me: “Uh, smoked ingredients or actual smoke?”
Them: “Both.”
Me: “That’s ambitious.”
Them: “Shut up. We got this.”

That may not be a direct quote, but you get the drift.

So there you go. Cedar Smoked Old Fashioned, Burnt Cinnamon Manhattan, Lapsang Smoked Caipirinha, and much more. If you’re scared, um….knock it off. Remember, you like smoke in food, why not in your booze?

Thursday night, 6-ish until J and/or A drop a smoking ember into a puddle of booze and burn the bar flat.

P.S. If you don’t like smoke in your food, then I’m super sorry. You’ll still like these drinks, though.



Booze, Balls & Bingo: Halloween Homecoming

October 27, 2014

Booze, Balls & Bingo


The boys are back in gowns and we’ve moved them to a new night. Join us in welcoming back Booze, Balls & Bingo after a long summer break for their Halloweeen Homecoming show.

This event is also a benefit for The donated prizes are crazy cool and fun, as is the show. And wait ’til you see what the hosts are wearing for this Halloween edition.

P.S. Since it’s a Halloween show, come in costume!


Super Dark and Totally Evil Cocktails

October 23, 2014

Halloween Cocktails Pt. 1

Tonight Morgan (aka DJ Kingblind) is playing Goth hits as part of his Halloween series. What that means: Spooky shoe-staring, black- haired, easily-sunburned, vitamin-deficient ghouls playing legendery music that will make you want to drink even more good booze because staring at your shoes is f**king boring.

And your hosts Jordan and Rachel have some cocktails all lined up…

Bela Lugosi’s Undead
Bourbon, Ginger Snap, Rioja, Lemon, Mole

Black Heart
Black Strap Rum, Cynar, Crème de Mure, Lime, Ginger Beer.

And More
This isn’t a cocktail, it’s must me saying “and more cocktails.” Sorry for any confusion.

Tonight, 6ish.

– Old Man Johnson, From The Depths Of Blackness