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Bloody Good Cocktails

October 16, 2014

Bloody Good Cocktails

I heard y’all liked the 1920s themed cocktails last week, even though I wasn’t there. Well, SCREW YOU GUYS. Nah, I’m just kidding. Jordan and Amanda are treating you right, and I’m not messing with that.

So this week, Morgan (DJ Kingblind) is playing Murder Ballads – therefore, J and A are gonna get bloody. Not Bloody Marys ’cuz… Meh – too easy. Blood Oranges? Yup. WAY more though, ’cuz Amanda and Jordan are bursting at the seams, coming up with ways to make you drink things that look like blood and ask for more.

Also, Chef Wade made some biscuits again. So there’s that pile of delicious as well.

See you Thursday night – let’s say 6-ish?