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The Last Cocktail Club

August 6, 2015
Final Cocktail Club
Well, homeys, this is it. Once more into the fray.

I’ll be behind the stick one more time tonight, and am still debating whether I should just be all “waaaah, last time, waaaah, I’m gonna make you what I want, waaaaaah,” or be a gentleman and make you things I know you’ll love and/or what you, uh, ask for and want.

Alright, enough horsesh*t. Thank you all for seven great years, and for trusting us to put good booze in front of you. Show up tonight and I will give you my all one more time, and try to make your mouth happy. And I will also try to think of a better way for you to remember cocktail club than the semi-gross saying, “it made my mouth happy.”

I’ll be here early, so instead of the typical ‘“say, 6ish?”, let’s call it 5:30. I know. Awesome, right?

– Old Man Johnson, Bitter and Sweet


Liqueur In The Front

January 22, 2015

I don’t know if y’all noticed, but we have a WHOLE SHELF of Amaro, right there below the TV. They’re there because I love them. They’re STILL there because nobody ever drinks them. I don’t care though because you trust Amanda and Jordan and they’re gonna put Amaro in your facehole on Thursday.

There are 16 different ones, they’re very different, and some of them are not easy to find and pretty damn expensive. But A and J have the go ahead to mix them into your favorite booze and elevate the hell out of them. And yes, a Cosmo with Amaro is better than a Cosmo without. I swear.

Thursday night, 6ish. Loooooooveeee You…