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Liqueur In The Front

January 22, 2015

I don’t know if y’all noticed, but we have a WHOLE SHELF of Amaro, right there below the TV. They’re there because I love them. They’re STILL there because nobody ever drinks them. I don’t care though because you trust Amanda and Jordan and they’re gonna put Amaro in your facehole on Thursday.

There are 16 different ones, they’re very different, and some of them are not easy to find and pretty damn expensive. But A and J have the go ahead to mix them into your favorite booze and elevate the hell out of them. And yes, a Cosmo with Amaro is better than a Cosmo without. I swear.

Thursday night, 6ish. Loooooooveeee You…


Minted Cocktails

May 8, 2014

Mint Cocktails

I was gonna say my fascination with mint started with mint chocolate chip ice cream when I was a kid, but really? Doublemint Gum commercials when I was 13 is REALLY when it took off. If you’re old enough, that’ll make sense.

Now that I’m a booze geek, it’s hard to NOT put mint in more stuff. No muddling necessary, by the way. You can even use Fernet, Amaro, Menthe, and some gins to get your mint fix. So, yeah, let’s do that. Tonight around 7ish, k?


– Old Man J