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Four or More Cocktails

August 14, 2014

Four or More Cocktails
Sorry about last week, friends. I know, Kevin Phillips smells funny. I’m back this week though, and here’s four boozies we can make you feel all light-footed with. And, yeah, some deal as before – you can always just tell us to make you something else that makes your nose feel funny, and we’ll be more than happy to.

Tonight, 6-ish, yes?

Devil Kill Devil
Rye, Rum, Falernum, Rain City Apple, Lime, Bitters

Whip Falls Down
Big Gin, Unicum Plum, Giffard Raspberry, Orange Zest

One Regret
Bourbon, Ginger, Lemon, Honeybush Tea, Amaro Nonino

Adoable Beast
Vodka, Pear Hooch, Lemon, Sage, Sparkling Wine

– Old Man Johnson


Cocktail Fit For A Viking

May 29, 2014
Viking Old Fashioned
I’ve missed you all terribly while I was traveling and, um…“learning” about booze.

Back this week and ready to drink mead out of the skull of my enemies. Health department may not be cool with it, so maybe I’ll just do that on my own. But you and me? We’ll drink mead anyway tonight. Or, rather, Amanda and I will mix it with other booze you like and you will then drink it. Please. Oh, and yeah, my Rhum showed up after a week and a half of being lost by the airline. You want some?

Old Man J
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P.S. Viking Old Fashioned: Heaven Hill 6 yr bourbon, Viking Blod Mead, Amaro Nonino, Bitters, Bourbon Cherry. Just sayin’.