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Tropicallia West Seattle Style

July 2, 2015

Tropical Cocktails v.2

Still hot. STILL HOT! Anyhoo, makes sense that since Chef Wade’s getting all tropical with his delicious Mahi Mahi crispy tacos fresh sheet, and Morgan’s doing “Tropicallia” music-ing things, so Amanda and Heather are doing, and I quote, “Tropical drinks. Super-duh.”

That means Spiced Iced Rum Tea, Fresh Peach Colada Thingy, Black Eyed Amanda (just go with it), and…Banango Unchained!

Also, Old Man Johnson is gonna get behind the bar and try out some new drinks for this other consulting gig thingy, so… yay – boring Old Man Getting In The Way!

, 6ish. Hugs.
P.S. Air F***ing Conditioning!


Summer Tea, Swear Words, Sunshine

June 11, 2015

Summer Tea
 night gals: “We’re making tea cocktails, cuz it’s f***ing hot.”
Me: “Sounds good. Maybe a little more detail, please.”
TNG: “Mia Thai Iced Tea. Blackberry Bourbon Black Tea. Watermelon White Tea Margarita. Ginger and Bitter Peach Green Tea-ni.”
Me: “Guhhhh, those sound really REALLY good…” (considers hanging up creative cocktail hat and handing off to TNG).

So, yeah, cool down with this magical booze. And also air conditioning. But mostly, the booze.

Tonight at 6. Yay!
– MJ


Cocktail Club: Vodka Cop-Out

May 28, 2015


During all the time we’ve been doing Cocktail Club we’ve pretty much ignored vodka on account of it doesn’t really taste like anything. It certainly can be refreshing though, and with weather like this, refreshing is what you need.

Plus,we’ve got a billion choices of things that will make vodka taste GOOD (Rose, Kummel, apricot, bourbon, scotch, etc…)

So, there’s  my cop-out post on vodka – we have ways to make it way more interesting. Oh, and also – air-conditioning. Let’s say Thursday night, 6ish?



Air-Conditioned Cocktails

July 10, 2014

Cold Drinks
Cuz of how stupid-hot it is these days, most nice folks want some air conditioning in a glass – by which I mean something that’s gonna cool you down, not a glass of Freon or anything like that.

And we shall provide. Amanda’s got a ton of margarita improvements, I have some Tiki drinks to try out on you, and we’ve both have AIR CONDITIONING for you to sit in while you do it. Starts as soon as you can get here after your car overheats on the West Seattle bridge, or, say, 6ish. Whichever comes first.

– Old Man Johnson and His Freon-esque Booze


Chile Drinks For A Summer Day

May 1, 2014

Ancho Reyes

The small TV in my pocket that tells me what time it is and that people talk to me out of also told me the weather’s gonna be sunny as s**t. What needs to happen now is that we get some margaritas going.

I know perfectly well a “margarita” the Feedback Lounge way can be made of a LOT of different things: Is it made with a new Ancho Chili liqueur? Is it made with herbs and bitters to accent it? Is there a high quality vanilla liqueur in a reposado/anejo hooch to make it stand out more?

These are all questions. Come find out tonight. Bring your own recipes, too. I’m not saying we’re gonna, you know, actually MAKE it, but hey – A/C and margaritas!