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Cocktail Cinema

July 5, 2015

Cocktail Cinema

Cocktail Cinema, presented by Cocktail Club, returns to the Feedback Lounge for the summer every Monday at 9PM, hosted by the lovely and delightful Heather King. And what a killer line-up of superhero movies and super themed cocktails she has for you all through July…

“Hot Rod Red” inspired by Iron Man
Scotch, orange juice, drambuie, grenadine
“Get Smashed” inspired by the incredible Hulk
Melon liquor, absinthe, grapefruit soda

7/13 – X-MEN: X2
“Shapeshifter” inspired by Mystique
Blue, Mezcal, orange bitters, blackberry garnish
“The Lightning Strike” inspired by Storm
Charcoal, St. Germain, lime, gin, blueberry bitters, lightning ice cube

“The Cat’s Meow” inspired by Catwoman
Vodka, fresh mint, catnip syrup, lime, gingerbeer
“A Penguin in a Tuxedo” inspired by Penguin
Coconut, dark rum, cinnamon sprinkle

“The Lizard Wants Out” inspired by Lizard
Basil, Granny Smith apple, tequila, lime, agave
“Web-Slinger” inspired by Spider-Man
Fresh blueberries, raspberries, vodka, PopRocks (careful, this one JUMPS!)


Pre-Season Football, All Season Cocktails

August 7, 2014

Football Cocktails


Apparently there’s some sort of “football” game this evening, which we shall indeed be showing to you all. Celebrating civic pride and the spirit of “Go Local Sports Team,” here’s some booze for you to try out that’ll make other people who live around here and enjoy these Seahawks happy…

Fremont Sazerac
Fremont Rye, Absinthe, Bitters, Sugar, Lemon Zest

French Connection
Vodka, Lemon, Giffard Blackberry, Scrappy’s Lavendar Bitters.

Sexy Mind Eraser
Fernet Branca, Rain City Coffee Liquer, Ginger Madison Beer

Team Color, Kinda
Gin, Lime, Chartreuse, Mint Condition

And of course, you can always do what we do. Which means, you tell us what you like and we make up a drink for you on the spot. Cuz we heart you. And also puppies. But, mostly, you. Starts around pre-game, so 5:30 ish, let’s say.

– Old Man Johnson


Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

March 20, 2014


You what sounds delicious on a cold or hot or really any day? Wormwood. I mean, it just SOUNDS delicious. Like…well, an old, um, piece of wood crawling with… Yeah, scratch what I just said. It sounds ishy.

But, it’s been an ingredient in booze for hundreds of years. Vermouth, translated, means Wormwood. It’s in Absinthe. And also other stuff, probably. It’ll certainly be in cocktails, which we’ll make and you’ll drink. That’s how it works.

Tonight, 7ish. Love you.


How To Improve Your Cocktail

March 6, 2014

Improve Your Cocktail

I’m trying to self-improve lately (by “self improve,” I mean “not be chunkier than I should be”), and I shall demand that of classic cocktails on this eve.

They’re not gonna improve themselves, so we’ll do the work. You may have wanted to try a Corpse Reviver #2, for instance, but hate Absinthe like it wants you dead. So, let’s improve it for you.

Lemon Drop too pedestrian for you, tasting like spiked lemonade as it does? Use gin instead, and mayhap splash some orange bitters in there. Tell us what you are “meh” about, we’ll make it better. Just for you. Awww.

Tonight, FBL.