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Cocktail Club: Vodka Cop-Out

May 28, 2015


During all the time we’ve been doing Cocktail Club we’ve pretty much ignored vodka on account of it doesn’t really taste like anything. It certainly can be refreshing though, and with weather like this, refreshing is what you need.

Plus,we’ve got a billion choices of things that will make vodka taste GOOD (Rose, Kummel, apricot, bourbon, scotch, etc…)

So, there’s  my cop-out post on vodka – we have ways to make it way more interesting. Oh, and also – air-conditioning. Let’s say Thursday night, 6ish?



Martinis – Frank Sinatra Style

May 14, 2015

Frank Fest 2015

Doooo beee dooooooooooooo beeeee dooooooo….

Frank Sinatra night folks, and aside from Jack Daniels on the rocks, Franky liked himself a martini here and there. So that’s what we’re covering tonight – Martini Time!

There’s a million ways to make a martini, and Frank would be proud of FBL’s way. So…see you around 6ish?