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Fired Cocktails

February 26, 2015


Fired Cocktails

Once again, Jordan has talked Amanda into taking her life in her hands. Or more accurately his hands, by bringing back one of their most popular ingredients and/or elemental concepts.

Yes, they’ll be lighting ingredients and booze – and possibly each other and possibly you – on fire. You won’t be able to control, only contain it. Or, you know, drink it.

Join up, Thursday, 6ish. Bring retardant.

Old  Man Johnson


West Seattle Rock Star: You

February 23, 2015

Open Mic Night

A new feature to the Feedback Lounge, Open Mic Night – hosted by the fantastic Sheila Kay & The Wolftones – invites all singers, musicians, dancers and spoken word to get up show everyone what a rockstar you are. (You don’t have to be a pro to be the show.)

This is the debut night with Open Mic happening the second Wednesday of each month. Next one: March 11th


Cocktail Club: Chinese New Year

February 19, 2015

Chinese New Year
Old man Johnson’s on Mexican time this week, but Cocktail Club’s still literally a million percent go.

Jordan and Amanda are roping you in to celebrating Chinese New Year tonight. That means: a.) Delicious booze made up on the spot, and b.) No, we wish you wouldn’t bring fireworks. Scares the neighbors. And the ghost who lives in our mop closet.

Come get it, 6ish.

Old Man J


And The Winner Is…

February 16, 2015

87th Annual Academy Awards

It’s the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Sunday, February 22nd, and we’re throwing a huge big screen viewing party with drink special. The red carpet inquisition ritual gets underway at 4PM with the awards show starting at 5PM.

Amazingly enough, we’re up for awards in our own categories: “Lights Out Burger”Best Handheld Food; “St. Basil” – Best “Fit In Your Mouth” Cocktail and “Feedback Nachos” – Best “Get It On Your Shirt” Appetizer. Your award will be when you order all of the above.


There’s Something Funny About February…

February 14, 2015

"Just Laugh It Off” Comedy Series

February brings more of Seattle’s rising star comedians to the Feedback Lounge for our “Just Laugh It Off” Comedy Series.

Coming back Wednesday, February 18th, 8PM to perform again is the very talented and gifted Cris Rodriguez, who, in a very short time, has scored in comedy competitions all over the city. Here’s a few of his stats:

• 2010: 4th place in the Jai Thai Open Mic Competition
• 2011- 1st place in the 2nd Annual Carmen’s Comedy Competition
• Finalist and 4th place in the Grit City Comedy Competition
• 1st place in the 1st Annual Punchline Fridays Comedy Competition at Jai Thai
• 2012: Finalist in the Jack FM Make Jack Laugh Comedy Competition

Joining Cris are fellow ace rib ticklers Daniel Carroll, Abbey Drake, Daniel O’Connell, Michelle Martinez and hosted by Mona Concepcion. As always, no cover, so come enjoy some of our craft cocktails and be thoroughly entertained by these exceptionally talented comedians.


The Best Selling Least Known Booze In The World

February 12, 2015

Once again we’re showing horrible disregard for things like “timeliness” and “seasonality” and “common sense” by highlighting the best selling/least known booze in the world: Cachaca.

It’s usually made into Caipirinha, a hot weather favorite. But, well, you know – Jordan and Amanda scoff at being boxed in. Plus, we have a particular Cachaca that’s aged and delicious and will warm your cockles and bones (as opposed to chilling them even further).

Trust us. Or, them. Or whoever. Tonight, 6ish.



Valentine’s Day Funk Fix

February 11, 2015

This year’s annual Valentine’s Day Party is being headlined by TüN, a new Seattle band that plays blues, rock & funk, both covers and originals. Didn’t take long for them to attract a large following either, which is how we found ’em (tons of customer requests).

TüN is playing a special FREE Valentine’s Day show for lovers and friends, filled with soul, blues and funk. The groovin’ begins at 9PM – and save your money for some of our special cocktails.

Savory Cocktails vs. Peanut Butter & Jelly

February 5, 2015

Savory Cocktails

The bow has been shot across now, TWICE IN ONE EMAIL.

Shot #1: Amanda and Jordan are getting you all savory: Rosemary, Celery, Curry, Fenugreek, Chilies, and all manner of “trust us, it’ll be delicious.”

Shot #2: new to the team is celebrated bartender Evan Martin, who has won a ton of meaningful awards and recognition but retains his humility and playfulness enough to tell me, “Hey, I want to do a Peanut Butter and Jelly cocktail.” 

Aaaannnnddddd…it’s delicious. Rye infused w/ PB&J, Lemon, Simple, and a float of Cabernet that goes remarkably well. He’ll make you one tonight and therefore win you over.

Tonight, 6ish. I love you.

– Old Man Johnson