You’ve Been McKenna’d

December 7, 2014

Steve McKenna

Steve McKenna joins the the Feedback Lounge bartending staff and is best known as the co-host of Drinking Made Easy on HDNet. McKenna and host Zane Lamphrey traveled to US cities as they shot 24 episodes exploring the local drinking cultures, customs and cocktails of each city. Currently, you can catch Steve on Chug TV on the National Geographic channel.

McKenna first made his mark on television as the oft-mentioned “friend” of Lamprey on Three Sheets. Popping up in each of the 52 episodes, Lamprey referred to Steve McKenna as his friend who did funny things when he drank. McKenna became a mainstay on the show, developed a cult following of fans and his name became synonymous with drinking.

Over the course of its four seasons, he became an integral part of the drinking game associated with the show: Rule #2: When Zane mentions his buddy Steve McKenna, it’s a social (everyone drinks). McKenna also appeared in several episodes, including Kentucky, New York City, London and Amsterdam.

Come by and meet Steve and get McKenna’d.

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