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Cocktail Club of…HORROR-NESS

October 30, 2014


Cocktail Club Halloween

So, uh, BOO. Now go change your pantaloons so we can talk about booze.

Back? Good. Tonight Amanda and Jordan have some variations on old horror-ly named cocktails: Corpse Revivers, Death in the Afternoon, Zombies, Dark and Stormy… and, AND – Amanda claims to have made some roasted pumpkin puree, which are the three funnest words in the world.

Let’s say everyone gets there around 6ish, stays until Midnight? Sounds about right.

– Old Dead Man Johnson


Booze, Balls & Bingo: Halloween Homecoming

October 27, 2014

Booze, Balls & Bingo


The boys are back in gowns and we’ve moved them to a new night. Join us in welcoming back Booze, Balls & Bingo after a long summer break for their Halloweeen Homecoming show.

This event is also a benefit for The donated prizes are crazy cool and fun, as is the show. And wait ’til you see what the hosts are wearing for this Halloween edition.

P.S. Since it’s a Halloween show, come in costume!


Super Dark and Totally Evil Cocktails

October 23, 2014

Halloween Cocktails Pt. 1

Tonight Morgan (aka DJ Kingblind) is playing Goth hits as part of his Halloween series. What that means: Spooky shoe-staring, black- haired, easily-sunburned, vitamin-deficient ghouls playing legendery music that will make you want to drink even more good booze because staring at your shoes is f**king boring.

And your hosts Jordan and Rachel have some cocktails all lined up…

Bela Lugosi’s Undead
Bourbon, Ginger Snap, Rioja, Lemon, Mole

Black Heart
Black Strap Rum, Cynar, Crème de Mure, Lime, Ginger Beer.

And More
This isn’t a cocktail, it’s must me saying “and more cocktails.” Sorry for any confusion.

Tonight, 6ish.

– Old Man Johnson, From The Depths Of Blackness


Bloody Good Cocktails

October 16, 2014

Bloody Good Cocktails

I heard y’all liked the 1920s themed cocktails last week, even though I wasn’t there. Well, SCREW YOU GUYS. Nah, I’m just kidding. Jordan and Amanda are treating you right, and I’m not messing with that.

So this week, Morgan (DJ Kingblind) is playing Murder Ballads – therefore, J and A are gonna get bloody. Not Bloody Marys ’cuz… Meh – too easy. Blood Oranges? Yup. WAY more though, ’cuz Amanda and Jordan are bursting at the seams, coming up with ways to make you drink things that look like blood and ask for more.

Also, Chef Wade made some biscuits again. So there’s that pile of delicious as well.

See you Thursday night – let’s say 6-ish?



Vintage Cocktails

October 9, 2014

Vintage Cocktails

I pulled a fast one on some super nice folks who think I was a good candidate to bar cater a party thingy where I wear a tie and make drinks from the 1920s and not spill purple stuff on myself and others.

In honor of what I’m SURE will be a triumphant vest wearing, your loving caretakers will make you 1920s drinks as well. Why is that interesting? Well, ’cuz you couldn’t even drink in this country in the ’20s, much less invent. AaaaaHAAA!

Here’s a couple vintage cocktails that talented people who aren’t me will make for customers who are you:

SEELBACH: Bourbon, Cointreau, Bitters, Champaigne

TUXEDO #2: Gin, Maraschino, Orange Bitters

HOTEL NACIONALE: Rum, Pineapple, Lime, Apricot

BEES KNEES: Gin, Honey, Lemon, Bitters.

Whee. Tonight. Etc.


Pink & Blues: A Musical Collaboration

October 4, 2014

Pink & Blues

Throughout October we’re dedicating each Tuesday night to Breast Cancer Awareness, featuring all-women hosted jam sessions in a series called Pink & Blues. This will be blues represented in all its hybrid forms, including jazz, R&B, soul, funk, roots, Americana and folk.

We’ve invited special guest ational touring artists and legacy artists, further providing opportunities for mentoring as well as representing a powerful statement with this remarkable women’s musical collective.

Many of these outstanding ladies are lining up to play October’s Pink & Blues, including very talented women who have played together in the Seattle Women’s Jazz Orchestra/Mood Swings, including Morgan Gilkeson (SWJO, Mo’ Jam Mondays at Nectar), Beth Wulff (The Wulfftones), Michelle D’Amour (Michelle D’Amour and The Love Dealers), Annette Taborn (Blues In Schools and various bands), Lady Keys (Stardrums & Lady Keys), Antoinette Truzito (Antoinette & Mother Sponge), Alice Stuart (Alice Stuart and The Formerlies), Carolyn Graye (Cornish vocal coach and jazz band leader), Kim Archer (The Kim Archer Band), Patti Mey (Boneyard Preachers, Jeff & The Jet City Fliers, Swamp Mama Johnson and many more), Sylvia RollinsMelanie Owens (The Groovetramps), Charlene Grant (Isaac Scott and other bands), and Erin Rubin-Tate (The Take Downs).

Check in to see which artists are playing each week. Here’s who is playing Tuesday, October 7th, 8PM (no cover): Polly O’Keary, Kim Archer, Beth Wulff, Kelli, Michelle D’Amour, Mary Ellen Lykins, Lady A, Mary Van Zante, and many more!

BLUES TO DO LIVE is recorded for TV and streaming live on the internet, every Tuesday night, 8PM and is hosted by MARLEE WALKER, Queen of Seattle Blues for the last thee decades.

For booking and information, contact Marlee Walker at


Monk-Made Cocktails

October 2, 2014

You know who makes good booze? Monks.

Some of the most in demand beer in the world, Benedictine and…Chartreuse. There’s, like, eleventeen hundred herbs and spices and botanicals and pixie dust varietals make a face-punchingly delicious and intense glass of hooch.

So, you mix it with other delicious stuff and… well, duh. Cocktails that make you feel all warm and stuff. So, let’s say 6ish? K.

Old Man Johnson