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Bubbly Cocktails – It’s a Gas, Gas, Gas…

July 31, 2014

Bubbly Cocktails

As a tribute to both a bunch of cocktails I’ve been working on for a side project as well as one of little Daniela’s favorite pastimes, tonight will be about the bubbles. It’s kinda like beer – you can make them the primary flavor, or just add a splash so you go “What the hell is that? I hate it. Wait… wait… No, I love it.”

And next week I’m re-formatting Cocktail Club for y’all. Stay tuned. I think you’ll like it more. Or at least TELL me you like it more.

Tonight, shall we say 6ish?



Squishing Booze

July 17, 2014

Squisher In Training

This is Dani. She’s helping daddy make a shrub, which is a centuries old traditional way of preserving fruit with acid, typically vinegar. It also makes fruity thingies taste even more like what they are. This one’s blueberry. I have other ones, too.

Dani would like you to drink this one so she can make more. She likes squishing the fruit. Daddy likes using his cute daughter to push his booze on folks. It’s possible I shouldn’t have said that out loud. But hey! Drink Dani’s booze tonight! Yay!

World’s Best Daddy
Feedback Lounge


Air-Conditioned Cocktails

July 10, 2014

Cold Drinks
Cuz of how stupid-hot it is these days, most nice folks want some air conditioning in a glass – by which I mean something that’s gonna cool you down, not a glass of Freon or anything like that.

And we shall provide. Amanda’s got a ton of margarita improvements, I have some Tiki drinks to try out on you, and we’ve both have AIR CONDITIONING for you to sit in while you do it. Starts as soon as you can get here after your car overheats on the West Seattle bridge, or, say, 6ish. Whichever comes first.

– Old Man Johnson and His Freon-esque Booze



July 3, 2014

Feedback Lounge Cocktail Video

We’re filming a series of cocktail instructional videos here today for my cocktail consultant thingy I do on the side, and we’ll have things we used that we don’t normally have hanging around – fresh raspberries, root beer, ice cream, blood orange Pellegrino, grapefruit Pellegrino and…flavored vodka. Yeah, I know.

Anyway, all this sounds like summer drink spectacular. Tonight, 6ish. And no, we won’t be playing the video on the TV – at least not YET.