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West Seattle Has The Blues

June 27, 2014

Blues To Do Live

BLUES TO DO LIVE is recorded for TV and streaming live on the internet, every Tuesday night, 8PM and is hosted by MARLEE WALKER, Queen of Seattle Blues for the last thee decades.

Here’s the July 2014 BLUES TO DO LIVE line-up:

Jack Cook is a traditional blues master with tremendous guitar chops.  He’s even written a musical that has been produced on stage with actors and musicians depicting a Seattle with blues stories around every corner called, “I Thought I Heard Elliott Bay.”

Just a sample of his Friday, July 18th show here, Seth Freeman is the hottest, young blues guitar talent to come out of the South and put the music industry on its ear. Seth just released his debut CD and has been getting airplay and great reviews across the country. We welcome him back to his second home in Seattle with his favorite Northwest players.

Valerie Rosa has vocal chops beyond the normal singing diva. Half Italian and half Native American, she can take her voice and throw it across the room like a good pizza dough on classic blues and R&B. For a short time Valerie was one of Ray Charles’ Raylettes and performed as one of the infamous Seattle Women in Rhythm & Blues for years, as well as a lead singing for The Dynamic Logs and more! Valerie’s talent and her West Seattle roots put her on our radar a long time ago and she rarely performs live these days but hasn’t lost a thing. Here’s your chance to see a true vocal champion.

So many Northwest music names have been a part of the Jr. Cadillac story: Jim Manolides, Rube Tubin, Buck Ormsby, George Rudiger, Bob Hosko, Les Clinkingbeard, Jim Napolitano and Ed Wilson, Tommy Katica, Steve Flynn, Steve Sarandos, Joe Guzman, Brian “Tito” Steiner, Jim “James” King, Ted & Frank Fliss, Rhoda Mueller and founding member, Ned Neltner.

Jr. Cadillac really were part of the beginnings of live rock ‘n roll, country and R&B in the bars of the Northwest at a place called The Grapevine Tavern in Pioneer Square where their first LP was recorded in ’71. With success came more clubs including the G Note, The Buffalo, The Lynnwood, Goldies, The Ad Lib, Pier 70 and The beloved Fabulous Rainbow Tavern. Jr. Cadillac has opened for so many name artists including backing Chuck Berry over 12 times and even writing songs onstage with Bo Diddley. Join us for story time and more! “Nothin’ could be lackin’ when you’re out there Cadillac’n!”

Kim Archer is a mid-Western gal who can sing and play blues guitar with the best of ’em, be it solo or with a full backing band. A Northwest transplant, we welcome Kim from the Tacoma area to perform her blues and R&B based originals. Her band includes the best players in the area so her shows are always a master musician’s affair.

• • •
Blues To Do-TV airs Fridays at 7pm on ch.23/77 on Comcast in King Co./Seattle or ch. 23 on Broadstripe and repeats Saturdays at midnight / Tuesdays at 2PM.

This also streams live at those times at See past shows at

For booking and information, contact Marlee Walker at


Cheery Cherry Cocktails

June 26, 2014

Cherry Cocktails

Signs, flyers, ads and pictures are shouting at me that “Hey. HEY! Cherries are in. CHERRIES! HOW DARE YOU NOT BE EATING AND DRINKING AND BATHING IN LOCAL CHERRIES RIGHT NOW!”

Well, that worked. On me, anyway. We’ll even light them on fire if I can get Chris and Amanda to do it without causing painful death. Tonight, 6ish. Maybe bring fire retardant masks if you can score one.

– Old Man J


Bloodletting Beverages

June 19, 2014

So, Amanda, that other person who tends bar on Thursday, has a killer sangria recipe. Me, I’ve not nailed a whole lot of sangrias. I like saying it though ’cuz it means blood or something. Ish.

Anyhoo, I’m gonna try to make some that beat hers, and she’ll probably do the same. I’ll probably win though. And by “probably” I mean “probably not.”  Either way, you win and also possibly catch a buzz, so there’s that as well. See you tonight.

– Old Man Johnson

P.S. – When I type “Old Man Johnson” in Facebook, it suggests maybe that I’m Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Facebook is telling me I should work out more. And be much taller also.


Legendary Soul Band Comes To West Seattle

June 16, 2014


The story of the legendary Seattle soul band SEPTIMUS begins in the family history of Septimus Brown, who traveled from Arkansas to raise his family in Seattle and continues with the release of Wheedle’s Groove Vol. II, which features tracks from Septimus from singles released decades ago.The band has never stopped playing together for over 40+ years.

Wheedle's Groove

In 2004, the first volume of Wheedle’s Groove shone a light on the formerly unheralded soul scene in 1960s and ‘70s Seattle, followed by a new album in 2008, and then an award winning feature-length documentary film. The on-going Wheedle’s Groove series continues to present a vast chapter of the city’s musical heritage that has little to do with long-haired rock dudes with guitars. No – in the world of Wheedle’s Groove, platform shoes and pimp hats were the order of the day.

Septimus in the '70s

As the years unfurl in the tracks of Wheedle’s Groove Volume II, so does the recent history of American music, the songs tracing technological changes and social change, and music’s move from the club to disco as live bands moved aside for DJs. Witness Septimus, on the cusp of both, blending a live drummer with a Roland drum machine and cutting “Here I Go Again” on a disco-friendly 12” single.

It is with great honor that we welcome Septimus to the Feedback Lounge on Friday, June 20th – 9PM for a free show. Come see these iconic soul/funk masters at work.



A Rainbow of Comedians

June 14, 2014

Comedy, Rainbows & Pride

“Just Laugh It Off” Comedy Night continues in June with a pride-themed show, starring the fabulous ABBEY DRAKE: “I’m a Theoretical Theorist. In other words, I speculate about other people’s speculations… Okay, so I guess about all kinds of sh*t and then come up with a conclusion based on my fantasies…”

Abbey Drake

Appearing with Abbey are rising comedy stars TOPHER WHITE, BARBARA SEHR, RICK TAYLOR and JEFFREY ROBERT. And if that wasn’t enough, the amazing MONA CONCEPCION and SARA BERGNER are hosting!

Come see this rainbow of comedians on Wednesday, June 18th, 8PM – free show!


West Seattle’s King of Comedy

June 14, 2014


West Seattle King of Comedy

It’s tough being a comedian, in this city or anywhere else. And it’s even tougher being a promoter of comedy. Just ask Daryl “Duane” Coxy, Seattle’s Patron Saint of Comedy, who has been a tireless advocate/producer of the city’s burgeoning comedic talent.

Duane books and manages the Feedback Lounge’s “Just Laugh It Off” Comedy Series, bringing in an astonishing array of rising and established comedians. And he does it mostly out of pocket. “I never make any money,” he laughs, preferring to re-invest whatever he makes into keeping his love of comedy going.

Hard to say where local comedy be without guys like Daryl. Here’s why he’s one of the most qualified movers and shakers in the Seattle comedy industry…

“I’ve always been a big comedy fan. I’ve seen every HBO Comedy Special and Comedy Central Presents that’s ever been produced, more than likely. I got hooked on local comedy when I saw the Seattle International Comedy Competition at the Comedy Underground in 2012.”

“I followed the circuit of local shows and comedians for about a year before I ventured into producing my own shows. I used to produce a public access show in Spokane and participated in a few unknown podcasts for fun. I produced a sold out show at Parlor Live in March of 2013. That was the first gig that I produced outside of Feedback Lounge.”

Mona Concepcion, host and co-producer, is the one who gives me credibility with the local comics. She helps me choose the most talented comics for our Feedback showcases and always does a great job of hosting our shows. Mona is the only female Chamorro comedian in the world which makes her more unicorn than Pacific Islander.

Hailing from the tropical island of Saipan – a real place – she has made Seattle her home. She has spent the last two years performing all over the west coast, from the largest Chamorro festival in the country to the smallest bar in Renton, WA.”

“I believe in underdogs and like to do things differently. I have made a point of giving up-and-coming” comics their first headlining spots, and it’s an honor for me to do so. There are a number of great feature level comics who seem to hit a glass ceiling and only get closing slots if they produce their own shows. I know talent when I see it and want to give those comics a chance to spread their wings and fly. I also love to book some of the best under appreciated headliners who should be on TV and often tour without much fanfare. It’s my honor to support and work with all of these comedians.”

The Feedback Lounge features free live comedy every month. See our calendar for upcoming shows. And come shake hands with Daryl – and tell him your latest joke; He’ll love it.


Baseball, Booze & Brazil

June 12, 2014


Uh…once again, I returned home from a social event (baseball game), where I had refreshed myself repeatedly, and posted my Cocktail Club update. Can’t seem to find it this morning. Huh.

Anyhoo, in honor of all the World Cup stuff and the chaos it has brought to the nation of Brazil, let’s drink some Cachaca tonight. It goes great with apricot, lime, burgers, straws and high fives. All of those things, as it happens, are also available at the bar, so there’s that.

– Old Man Johnson and his Baseball Game Hangover

P.S. One to try:
Strongly Worded – Novo Fogo, Aged Cachaca, Lime, Giffard Apricot, White Peach Balsamic. Tastes like your first crush.


This Week in Italian Apertifs

June 5, 2014
Negroni Week

It’s friggin’ NEGRONI WEEK.

There are literally eleventeen jillion cocktails we can make… And we can also make the real, original one: Gin, Carpano Antica, Campari. From there, replace Campari with Cynar. Or replace the Gin with Bourbon. Or replace the Gin with a rare Gin rested in Bourbon barrels. Or, uh, you know, other stuff.

We Love you tons. Promise.

Old Man Johnson
Feedback Lounging Concern