Good ‘Ol Homemade Hooch

March 27, 2014

Homemade Hooch

Used to be, I’d make a pile of liqueur or infusions or bitters or hooch from fruit when it was in season so I could just do it all year.

Recently, we’ve focused more on quality hooch you can get from the pros. Doesn’t mean I’m done, though. We still have a lot of housemade hooch that, frankly, we’re underutilizing and it makes so SICK. Wait, that’s maybe an overstatement. It more makes me kinda think “Jeez, I gotta use more of that hooch.” And also, I’m not sick about it at all. So, there’s that.

Plus, a “new to us, but old school West Seattle fella” will be joining us tonight as well. You’ll see Amanda smile even more than normal. What time? 7ish, or even 6ish if you want. Who am I to tell you? Long as you make it.

FBL Boozehound

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