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Blues To Do in March

February 27, 2014

Blues To Do March

Starting our third month of weekly live blues shows. If you’ve been checking in, we’ve showcased some stellar bands and blues players that truly belong on the world stage – and you get too see ’em here for free every Tuesday. Here’s who we have scheduled for March…

MARCH 4th – 8PM
featuring ROD COOK and MARK RILEY
special guest ERIC “TWO SCOOPS” MOORE
Rod Cook and Mark Riley – two of Seattle’s finest blues guitarists – team up together in this grouping, which is rarely booked due to the busy schedules of all of these excellent players. Also featured is a short set of original boogie-woogie piano from award winning songwriter and piano man, Eric “Two Scoops” Moore.

MARCH 11th – 8PM
Alice Stuart has a long NW history as a folk artist, one of the first women to lead her own electric band, she was one of Frank Zappa’s early “Mothers of Invention,” played at the Berkeley Folk Festival in ’64 and ’68 with folks like Mississippi John Hurt, Jerry Garcia and many more. BluesiIcon Taj Mahal has this to say abut Alice: “She paved the road Bonnie Raitt traveled.” Rising blues superstar Seth Freeman will also be playing his lap steel along with Alice’s acoustic guitar and Neal’s harmonica. (We’ll also be celebrating Neal’s birthday, too!)

MARCH 18th – 8PM
featuring ROD COOK
Seth has just released his debut band CD in addition to an acoustic CD, and Rod Cook is really the best in Seattle at both electric and acoustic blues. These two are magic as an acoustic duo. There may be harmonica in this evening too.

MARCH 25th – 8PM
A very hot March night with Chris Leighton, the most award winning and most utilized drummer in the NW blues scene, along with Scott E. Lind, the feistiest Seattle area blues guitarist who was Charles White’s favorite for years.

BLUES TO DO LIVE is recorded for TV and streaming live on the internet, every Tuesday night, 8PM and is hosted by
MARLEE WALKER, Queen of Seattle Blues for the last thee decades. Blues To Do-TV airs Fridays at 7pm on ch.23/77 on Comcast in King Co./Seattle or ch. 23 on Broadstripe and repeats Saturdays at midnight / Tuesdays at 2PM.

This also streams live at those times at See past shows at

For booking and information, contact Marlee Walker at


New Cocktail Try-Outs

February 20, 2014
New Cocktail Try-Outs

Doctor, heal thyself. And also remove the beam from thine own eye before removing the toothpick from my eyehole. And other cryptic sayings that mean ,“Uh, Matt? Stop writing cocktail menus for other bars long enough to rewrite your own.”

So I did, mostly. Got it trimmed down to a dozen or so and, one more time before I’m done, I need my cocktail clubbers to put me on the right path if I’m on the un-right one. Tonight – and never forget I heart you.

Old Sleepy Johnson, Tired From All The Booze Mixin’
Feedback Booze Concern


Comedy Fiesta

February 17, 2014

Comedy Night

The Just Laugh It Off comedy night at the Feedback Lounge (pretty much be right here) presents Cris Rodriguez’s Comedy Fiesta on February 19th at 8PM.

You may remember Cris; he was featured at our first comedy show in September and had the place rolling in Elliott Bay waves of laughter. Clearly, we needed to bring him back as a headliner.

Cris Rodriguez is a native Floridian and a proud Mexican-American who started his comedy career in the Northwest. He has performed in clubs throughout the region and outside the state.

Cris will be joined by a motley crew of festive joke slingers, including Aaron Fishbein, Shannon Koyano, Tyler Smith and Scott Losse.

Mona Concepcion will host the festivities and keep everyone giggling between performances. Admission is always free, so we recommend that you get here early for good seats.


Emotional Cocktails

February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day Cocktails

After two weeks in a row where I’ve felt more dead than alive (whoah – heavy), I’m back at it full speed and a good 10 pounds trimmer. So – time to get buzzed, yes?

Also, we put together some aphrodisiac drinks on account of Friday being an important celebration of physical and emotional sharing of touches and stuff. It’s Valentine’s Day, so there might even be chocolate. And roses. And sex. Wait, not sex. Sorry.

– Old Man Johnson