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Local Spirit, Local Spirits

January 30, 2014

Spotlight on Local Spirits

A pretty big week for local pride, what with such and such game happening at so and so New Jersey football field with our local football team playing some stupid mountain city horseys.

So, local pride it is. Tonight we’ll dig out and put cute little metaphorical spotlights on all the local booze we have on our shelves. We’ll also only drink with our left hands and not say the word “scenario” ’cuz if we don’t…

I can’t say, ’cuz it’ll curse us.

Confusing, I know. Just come get a local buzz.

Old Man Superstitious
Feedback Cocktail House


Bluesy February

January 23, 2014

Blues To Do Live February

February brings another bounty of blues talent to the Feedback Lounge’s Blues To Do Live concert series. Recorded for TV and streamed on the internet as it happens, Blues To Do Live happens every Tuesday, 8PM.

Here’s February’s steller line-up…

Describing themselves as blues/chunkabilly and honky tonk, this thumpin’ band, featuring Chris lord on guitar/vocals, Rick J. Bowen on drums and Matt Blair on drums, showcases some blistering, paint-peeling fretwork and deep hometown grooves.

A new group with Hank Leinonen, bass player from The Shivering Denizens, who is singing more in this jump blues/soul/rockabilly band with attitude. Also featuring “Knuck” Bostick on guitar, Rooster on harmonica/vocals and Danny Von DirtBag on drums.

Old school blues returns to West Seattle with the best of the best: Steve Bailey on lead vocals/harmonica and guitar and his newly re-assembled Blue Flames. Steve has been in Isaac Scott’s band and some of the best blues bands in the land over the past five decades.

Rafael’s newest project is on stage for this Live! Session and he’s on fire with his passionate guitar and vocals, making him one of the area’s most popular blues guitarists.

Blues To Do-TV airs Fridays at 7pm on ch.23/77 on Comcast in King Co./Seattle or ch. 23 on Broadstripe and repeats Saturdays at midnight / Tuesdays at 2PM.

This will also stream at those times at See past shows at For booking and information, contact Marlee Walker at


Drink (and eat) to the British Invasion

January 16, 2014


The Deep Cuts

Our weekly DJ dude, Morgan (aka DJ Kingblind), is doing a tribute to British Invasion music this week, so we are thereby obliged to British it up as well.

What does that mean for the Feedback Cocktail Club? Spotted Dick? Leek Soup? Tons of gin? Sidecars? Collinses? Crumpets? Yes… to some of those things. Bet you can guess which ones. Oh, and Chef Wade’s making Shepherd’s Pie.

That’s a ton of good reasons. And by a “ton,” I mean, like, “three.” See you tonight.

– Old Man Johnson / Feedback Loungings


Honey, Donuts and Fish Heads

January 9, 2014

New Cocktail Flavors

Most people won’t take crappy weather as a cue to hit Pike Place Market, but seeings as how I’m working on the next cocktail menu, that’s where I’m headed, to dodge fish and squish produce.

Could be you’ll get fresh fruit in your booze. Could be you’ll get chestnut honey or vinho verde or ice wine or a cinnamon donut or a fish head. Probably not the fish head, but inspiration is there.

Gird your loins. Please and thank you.
– Old Man Johnson


Feedback Lounge Cocktails 2014

January 2, 2014


Feedback Lounge Cocktails 2014 2014

In this new year, I’m once again placing my heart and soul in your supple hands. Time to update the cocktail menu, and I have a bunch of ideas scribbled down on various pieces of paper, clothing, and possibly parts my physicality.

Anyhoo, come in and we’ll test them out on you tonight. You don’t need to know which ones were on paper and which ones I translated from my gams. Happy New Year!

– Older Man Johnson