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Looking Ahead: Feedback Lounge 2014

December 31, 2013

Feedback Lounge 2014

Lots of who and whoms are doing annual “a look back at 2013” wrap-ups, but we already know what happened. Like the Stones sang, “Who wants yesterday’s papers?” We’d rather tell you something you don’t already know, like what’s in store at the Feedback Lounge for the coming year. Think of this as your crystal iBall…

January 2014
Launching Blues to Do Live, a weekly recorded for TV blues show, which will also stream as it happens on the internet. And we have tributes to Ozzy, KISS Unplugged, The Doors, and The Castaways CD release show. Also, we’re hosting the 56th Annual Grammy Awards on our big screen with some slick extras.

February 2014
A very cool Valentine’s Day dinner show with a  special guest you’ll be thrilled to see back in action. And hey, Superbowl party on our two 10-foot big screens and our new 60-inch flat screen.

March 2014
Our 3rd Annual Academy Awards Party, hosted by… It’s a secret. Also, not one but two St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

April 2014
Celebrating our 5th anniversary with five days of events leading up to our actual birthday. And wait until you see what we have for the encore. Just act shocked and slowly make your way towards the cake.

May 2014
Our 6th Annual Tribute to Frank Sinatra. Actually, we call it Frank Fest. Either way, a big tribute to the Lord of the Ring-a-ding-dings.

June 2014
The annual Morgan Junction Festival. This is our Junction’s yearly event. But we’re  partnering up with our good friends at The Bridge for something to take this thing to the next level.

July 2014
The annual West Seattle Street Festival, with us hosting the Friday and Saturday night aftershow parties with some live music by a few very big bands.

August 2014
And let us not forget our annual El-Fest – a Tribute to The King. Hmm, what can we do to make this an even bigger show? We’ll have to go OUTSIDE to think about it.

September 2014
Kicking off the football season (hey, that’s kinda funny since people kick footballs for some reason) with food and drink specials designed for the entire season. Also, we’re upgrading to hi-def for the big screens. (We’ll do that way before September, though.)

October 2014
The always fun Feedback Lounge 6th Anniversary Halloween Week, with five days of All Hallow’s Eve events and live music. Inviting some very special friends to join us, too.

November 2014
We’ve lined up so many holiday parties and live music nights, it’d be tough to list them all right now. Last November we had 17. This November will feature 17.5. Or maybe 18.

December 2014
Crossing fingers that the artists we have performing for our annual Christmas and New Year’s Eve shows are gonna be able to play if they’re not on TV.

Of course, lots more planned, including free live music every weekend, CD release shows, new spring/summer and fall/winter menus, Cocktail Club branching out, charity fundraisers, and anything else fun we can cram in there.

Thank you West Seattle for an awesome 2013 – we’ll try and make it awesome back at’cha for 2014.

The Feedback Crew 


Hey, Hey We’re The Monks

December 19, 2013


During this sacred holiday time, when the good works of the men and women of divinity shine through in the basking light of charity, let us all get kinda drunk tonight on green booze made by monks.

Chartreuse it is, once again, as it shall always be.

In silence,
Old Man johnson


Blues To Do Live

December 17, 2013

Blues To Do Live

BLUES TO DO LIVE is coming to the Feedback Lounge, recording for TV and streaming live on the internet, every Tuesday night, 8PM, beginning January 7, 2014.

BLUES TO DO LIVE is booked and hosted by MARLEE WALKER, Queen of Seattle Blues for the last thee decades.

Here is the January 2014 BLUES TO DO LIVE line-up…

January 7th
with special guest SEATTLE SLIM

An amazing power trio featuring one of the hottest rhythm sections in Polly O’Keary and Tommy Cook, both of whom were backing up Too Slim as The Taildraggers.

January 14th

Elnah gathers amazing musicians around her and always puts on a dazzling show that includes blues, gospels, jazz and more. This night will see dynamic voices from the Seattle music scene and will be a very special celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 21st

This dynamic West Seattle trio features the Delvon Laamar, who plays the classic Hammond organ like you’ve never heard it before, and done with a contemporary Seattle twist. The band also features guitar legend Ben Bloom and drum master, Olli Klomp.

January 28th

Guitarist Rod Cook, one of Seattle’s best kept secrets, plays with both precision and soul, either alone or with his top notch trio of 20 years, Toast, featuring excellence in rhythm from Marty Vadalabene or Chris Leighton on drums and the gifted John Bayless on bass – all award winning players.

Look for these shows, which are being recorded live for TV, to include interviews and a Blues CD of the Week offered every week.

Blues To Do-TV airs Fridays at 7pm on ch.23/77 on Comcast in King Co./Seattle or ch. 23 on Broadstripe and repeats Saturdays at midnight / Tuesdays at 2PM.

This will also stream at those times at See past shows at
For booking and information, contact Marlee Walker at


Baby Pappy

December 12, 2013



Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon

Okay, dinguses… First, I’d like to clarify that I wasn’t really calling YOU a dingus – that was aimed at my one buddy, the one with the thin belt. You know who you are.

Second, the elusive and wildly popular PAPPY VAN WINKLE BOURBONS (and one Rye) will be on the shelf tonight. In honor of them, we’ll be making cocktails with the more reasonable booze that is the baby that turns in to Pappy – WELLER BOURBON.

So, there you go, and I’m sorry again, except for that one guy. See you tomorrow.


Old Weller Johnson
Feedback Cocktail Awareness Club

Repeal Day – Brings Back Good Memories

December 5, 2013
Repeal Day Anniversary

December 5th, marks the anniversary of Repeal Day, the day prohibition died and went to hell and died over and over again and went to hell again. Come join us to celebrate with, duh, drinks. We’ll be making drinks from pre prohibition times, just like, well, before prohibition. Yay for drinking!Feedback Cocktail Folks

P.S. Like these…
Gin, Maraschino, Lemon, Orange, Egg White
Rye, Amer Picon, Benedictine, Carpano Antica
Rye, Curacao, Italian Vermouth, Lime