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Feedback Cocktail Club: Apples

November 21, 2013


My daughter threw a yellow plastic ball that hit me in the eye, which made me think of apples. I never eat them, although I don’t know why. They’re delicious, etc. But I imagine you’ve had apples.

Not sure if you’ve had Applejack, Calvados, Skip Rock Spiced Apple Liqueur, or any of our apple infusions, though, so come have some manazanitas in ways you’ve never had before. And these ways make you feel all warm and squishy inside. So there’s that. See you tonight [Thursday November 21], yes? Yep.

Old Man Johnson
W. Sea
Mrgn Jnctn

Holiday Parties: Now Booking

November 10, 2013

Holiday Party

The crazy holidays are upon us. Seems like only 365 days ago we were getting ready to stuff our pie holes with, um pie, cram turkey down our turkey necks and think about what the heck to get for those 60 or 70 people on your Christmas shopping list.

Here’s another thing to think about – you can book your holiday party here and let us do the cleaning up afterward. Just you and a few friends? We got you covered. Girls night out after a hard day at the Mall? We have a relaxing cocktail for you and your group. Your company needing a place bigger than your living room to celebrate another year of staying in business? We can accommodate up to 150 people.

The calendar is filling up fast – if you have a holiday party in mind, give us a call and we’ll rock you up: (206) 453-3259 (ask for Gia)