Girls of Summer

July 27, 2013

Girls of Summer

What is it about the hot summer months that makes you so thirsty? Probably all that sweating from complaining about how warm it is outside.

We have a cool down solution – six, actually. Beginning Wednesday, July 31 and running until Wednesday, September 4, we’re premiering a brand new heat-beating craft cocktail every week. Here’s what makes them so special – each of these one-of-a-kind beverages was designed by the lovely ladies of the Feedback Lounge.

We’re calling this, appropriately, The Girls of Summer. And Gia, Nicole R, Rachel, Becky, Amanda, Nicole C, our talented group of gals, have some really tasty cocktails for you, all priced at $7.50.

Here’s what’s in store for anyone with an unquenchable drink hole: No Borders, West Side Migration, Zero Degrees Latitude, Nostalgia, She’s A Peach, and Strawberry Shortcake. We’ll post the ingredients each week on our website when a new drink is premiered every Girl Jam Wednesday. And hey, we’ll also feature red and white house wine for $6 a glass. (Cocktail napkin included.)

See you every Wednesday.

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