Party On, Party Often

July 6, 2013

Party Hard

Over the years we’ve had the honor to host some diverse and often unique parties at The Feedback Lounge.

It’s probably easier to recount what types of parties we haven’t done. But during the course of our lease we’ve had all types of parties, ranging from wedding receptions and ceremonies, to baby showers and retirement gatherings. And we had the privelege of hosting a Seattle Police Sgt. promotion party, with many of Seattle’s finest officers attending.

Which brings us to the point: short of a pet party (sorry – Health Dept. rules), we can accommodate almost any type of party. Bachelor/Bachelorette, high school reunions, farewells, birthdays, album releases, corporate meetings, office party, wedding ceremonies and receptions, holidays, milestones, or just getting friends together for the heck of it.

The Feedback Lounge’s back bar area can hold up to 75 people and has a sound system, 10-foot drop down screen, portable stage, lights and microphone(s). Here’s the best part – we invite our guest to come in a decorate to accommodate your theme/event. Yep, the room is customizable. While there are certain city rules we have to follow, by and large we can turn the place into your personal party pad.

Need food and a custom drink? Well, heck – that’s what we do here!

Call or e-mail us if you have a party in mind. We can answer all of your questions and just happen to have a party decorating expert on our staff who can assist: (206) 453-3259 / feedbackloungegia@gmail.com

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