Feedback Lounge: Unplugged

June 19, 2013

Bar Chords

We’ve been planning on doing a live acoustic night for some time, but with day-to-day bar stuff and everybody being super double crazy busy, it just got moved to the back burner. Never off the stove with the heat turned off, just put on simmer until we could get to it.

And we’re getting to it now.

With the help of our good friend Soozy Bridges who has booked some stellar talent, we’re launching Bar Chords: An Intimate Acoustic Music Experience, taking place every Sunday over the course of five weeks of summer, beginning June 30 and running through July 28th.

Soozy has wrangled some top names in the Seattle rock realm, recruiting musicans/vocalists from new and legendary bands as Walking Papers, Son of Man, My Sister’s Machine, Green Apple Quickstep and lots more.

Every Sunday will be an enigmatic showcase of talent in an acoustic setting. The shows are free, but we’ll be setting up a donation table to benefit Saving Great Animals.org, a non-profit orginization that matches familes with pets in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

The showcases will feature different artists each Sunday, 8PM, and will run for about two hours. Which means if Sunday is a school night for you, it won’t be an excuse not to come in.

P.S. Some surprise guests will be stopping by to perform. [insert knowing wink here]


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