West Seattle’s Best Kept Secret

June 1, 2013

Fresh Sheet

The term “fresh sheet” confuses many. It could refer to one of those perfume-y fabric softener sheets that you throw in the dryer to make your pants smell bouncy and perfume-y, and then later to be used as a nice smelling hanky.

Or it could mean your fresh bed sheets that just came out of the dryer where that other fresh sheet/hanky rocks and rolls.

Or it could mean one or more new food porn worthy dishes that are eaten today and recycled tomorrow. And since we serve food and don’t do your laundry, that’s what a fresh sheet means. To us, anyway.

Chef Wade, our master food maestro, offers up a fresh (ahem) fresh sheet every Thursday and Friday. This has become one of West Seattle’s best kept secrets; people in the know who wear perfume-y scented pants and sleep on clean sheets know they’re in for a kick a** customed crafted meal, usually for under $16.

Steakhouse burgers…Asian grilled shrimp…pan-seared pork chops…house made enchiladas… The list goes on and on, with Chef Wade himself often bringing your order right to your table. (He signs autographs – the ink in his pen is really gravy.)

So yeah, every Thursday and Friday, 6PM – Chef Wade’s Fresh Sheet. Check our website on Thursdays to find out what the special is – and then be prepared to set your taste buds on stun. And for dessert, maybe something perfume-y.

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