Weather or Not

May 23, 2013


One of the first pieces of wisdom we were told by other bar owners prior to opening The Feedback Lounge is that bad weather is pennies from Heaven. Cold, crappy, rainy, freeze-y, cold, snowy days are rent paying days to the bar industry. Not too hard to figure out why – lousy weather makes for unmatched indoor socializing, because weather (and taxes) are all most of us have in common. That, and there’s the free heat. (For you, not us.)

This is why you’ll often see nervous and/or unhappy bar owner faces on sunny days. We don’t get a whole lot of sunshine around here, and when we do, everybody wants to be out in it. Begrudgingly, so do we. But for a bar not located on the beach, the sun can be a business owner’s worst enemy. That, and taxes. And insurance. And high wholesale prices. And rent increases. And…


The reason we even bring it up is to let you know the sun is soon to be heading our way and that it is poisonous and will make your face, shoulders and tramp stamp all burnt-y if you stay out in it for more than, I don’t know, say 10 minutes. Who, besides The Human Torch or some circus guy who eats fire wants that? Better to come in and have nice heat-beating cocktail or three while supporting your local watering hole. And hey, free air-conditioning! For you, not us.

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