Wanted: Bands. Sorta.

May 21, 2013


It’s tough balance to find the right band for our limited space. Sometimes the bands are used to playing in a small room, and haven’t figured out that their volume knob can actually be used to turn it down. Then there are bands like FIASCO, THE BEARD BROTHERS, THE FLAT 5, AARON DANIEL, BLAKE NOBLE and JOEL TIPKE who are so pro as to always strike a nice sound level that doesn’t compromise their vibe or overpower the house.

Sure, there are bands who are appropriately loud when needed. And even though the loud bands have been quite good, we can always tell if it’s too much by the looks on our front of house staff’s faces. Kinda like when you’re on a plane and you hit turbulence – if the stewardess doesn’t looked gooned out, then chances are the plane is gonna land safely, with all that’s needed is a quick change of pants once you’re on the ground. (If you’re like us, pack a spare pair.)

We get a lot of punk, metal and even rap artists wanting to play here, with nearly all of them not doing their homework to see what kind of live music venue we are, how many people we can comfortably put in seats, and what kind of music works best for our customers.

As always, though, we’ll be pushing the boundaries and looking for all types of bands, from jazz and rockabilly, to folk and bluegrass, and all points in-between, just to mix things up. So if you’re in a band or are a band (we do lots of one person shows), give us a shout. Can’t promise we’ll be able to book you, but every artist is considered. Just don’t approach our front of house staff if you see them frowning.

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