Pinball Wizard

May 18, 2013


One of the questions we get asked most is, “Why did you get rid of the pinball machines?” (This is usually followed by, “Why don’t you put in pool tables?”) Yeesh.

Answer to question #1: We needed more room to do live music on a regular basis. The vintage machines were super fun happy times, but maintenance, costs, and the space they took up prompted us to call Congress to see if we should keep ’em or put in a stage for bands. Since Congress can’t do anything right, we decided to go the live music route.

Now that we have more space, we can bring in bands every week, with no cover charge. And bands generate more income than pinball machines. Most of the time.

Answer to question #2: Pool tables would render our place useless for special events, live music, wedding receptions, Justice League of America meetings, etc. We like being able to turn the back bar area to custom fit nearly any type of event. Pool tables aren’t quite portable. And even if they were, where would we put ’em should The Rolling Stones decide to play here? (Might have to charge cover for that one.)

So there you have it. Knowing this should allow you to sleep better at nights and/or on the job.

P.S. We still have the classic Ms. Pacman™ machine waiting to swallow your quarters.

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